Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Post-Study Work Visa For Indian Students In The UK

Are you looking for an opportunity to study and work in the UK?

That is totally possible with the UK Government’s Immigration Policy and the New Graduate route allows international students to stay back and work in the UK. UK has announced the 2-year post-study work visa for Indian students in the UK

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In this article, we educate you on the process and importance of the UK post-study work visa for Indian students.

What is a post-study work visa in the UK?

If you are planning to pursue your education in the UK, then you most probably have a secondary idea of staying in the country to work after your degree.

Traditionally, if you wish to stay in the UK after your studies, employment sponsorship from a well-established sector of your choice was required.

And getting qualified for a post-study work visa was a nightmare for many graduates.

However, the UK government in 2019, introduced the new post-work study visa that will allow students from India to stay on after completing their studies. This new scheme does not require sponsorship from the employer.

This Graduate route visa, announced by the UK home secretary, has come into implementation from July 2021. Students who have been awarded a degree from a well-recognized UK university can apply for the new UK post-study work visa through the graduate route.

Who can apply for the post study work visa in the UK?

To be eligible for the post-study work visa in the UK under the newly announced graduate route, international students must have completed their course from a recognized UK university.

The applicants do not require sponsorship from employers. No minimum salary requirements. Graduates can work flexibly, switch jobs, and set up their careers in the UK.

The graduate’s current visa should be a student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa.

Students who have been sponsored by their government to study in the UK must also provide written consent from their sponsor that they may remain in the UK upon completion of their studies.

Once the course is complete, the student sponsor or the University must have notified the UK home office by the date of application that you have completed your course.


The UK government has made a few exceptions to the students who are concerned about the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Students who began their course in 2020 and entered the UK on or before 21 June 2021 will meet the UK study requirements for the graduate route.
  • Students who began their course in January or February 2021 and entered the UK before September 2021 and completed that course of study in the UK will also meet the study requirements.

How to apply for the post study work visa in the UK?

The applicants must be in the UK at the time of application., so they cannot return to their home country once they have completed their degree and apply from there.

The students can apply for the new graduate visa from the official UK Government website.

At the time of application, you’ll need to be able to provide your Biometrics, a valid Passport, or travel document to show your identity and nationality.

The Post-study work visa application fee will be £400 along with the biometric enrollment fee of around £19 Apart from the application fee, the applicants will have to pay the immigration fee for each year in the UK. The fee is around £624 per year.

No maintenance fee is required. There is no set amount of money that the applicants must show before staying in the UK.

You need to know

The students whose Tier 4 or student visas expire before the date of application will not be eligible for the graduate route.

The course completed must be the course that you were issued your visa to study by your higher education provider. In the case of a postgraduate course, the students must have also completed the dissertation section.

Before the application, students should make sure that their University has informed the UK government upon the successful completion of the course.

International students need to confirm if the course they have completed is eligible for the graduate route.

Apart from UK Bachelors and postgraduate degrees, the route is also available for those who have studied many medical, legal, and teacher training programs.

For the courses, which are 12 months or less, the students must have studied in the UK for the whole course. For the courses longer than 12 months, students must have spent at least 12 months studying in the UK.

After being successfully awarded the graduate route visa, Bachelors and Master students can stay and work or look for work at any skill level for two years in the UK.

Doctoral students will be able to stay for three years in the UK.

During the time in the UK, the students will be allowed to do any jobs apart from being professional sportsperson.

Frequently asked questions

1. Will I be eligible to apply for the graduate visa if I change my course after I arrive in the UK?

Yes, as long as you complete the course you have changed to, you are eligible to apply for the new Graduate visa.

2. What should I do after my Graduate visa expires?

After your graduate visa expires, you can leave the UK or apply for the Tier 2 or the General work visa.

The Tier 2 visa requires a minimum salary and employment sponsorship.

3. What should I do after my Graduate visa expires?

After your graduate visa expires, you can leave the UK or apply for the Tier 2 or the General work visa.

The Tier 2 visa requires a minimum salary and employment sponsorship.

4. When should I apply for the Graduate visa?

The application started in July 2021. You should apply after the completion of your studies in the UK. Also, make sure that your Student visa doesn’t expire at the time of application.

5. Do I need a job offer to apply for the UK post-study work visa?

As far as the new Graduate route visa is concerned that you will not require a job offer.

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