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DCU – MSc in Electronic Commerce (Business) 2017. Currently working with SAP as Business Analyst in Ireland.

I’ve done my Bachelors in Computer Science at Bangalore and have gained 6 years of work experience.

I chose Ireland for my Masters firstly, its English speaking country in the whole of Europe and it offers one year Masters degree and are generally more cost-effective.

Ireland is known as IT hub and top MNC’s have set up their European headquarter & huge facilities for R&D.

DCU is one of the top-ranked university in Ireland and I was more interested in & fascinated about the course E-Commerce and I found that the course has been awarded the prestigious EPAS accreditation. The course ito be very competitive and challenging.

The growth of E-Commerce is huge and my goal was to collaborate and be part of a team that introduces innovative business models and technology-driven approaches within the online business industry, this is what led me to pursue MSc in E-Commerce at DCU.

Gagan Raghavappa

Business Analyst, SAP

Ireland is a host of the newly emerging software technologies, which is why I opted to study here. The opportunities for career growth are vast. Ireland provides a good quality of education at a low cost and is one of the safest countries in the world.

Studying at National College of Ireland offered me a wealth of opportunities to enhance my data analytics foundations. The course gave me an in-depth up to date theoretical knowledge but also a practical approach to industry-oriented scenarios. Another reason to select this college was the low cost of education and the scholarship provided. Studying at NCI, being one of the top research-oriented colleges in Europe.

I find that Data Analytics is playing an important role in future of marketing and business decision making. The course also aided me in real-life scenarios such as monitoring my finances and having a better planning process.

During my second semester, I applied for the position of Blockchain Intern from the Deloitte’s career page. The blockchain is one of the latest technologies in the IT industry, and it has a lot of scope for Data Analytics.

After the successful completion of the course and the knowledge I received from Data Storage and Management module helped in clearing the interview and I got the job, and I continue working there even after the completion of the internship and my education.

Smriti Verma

Solutions Developer, Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab, Dublin

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