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Cost of Studying in Ireland: Application Fees, Living Costs, Tuition Fees

Being the knowledge economy it is, Ireland places a lot of importance on educating its people. Thanks to aggressive investments in education, an MBA degree or an MS in Ireland is renowned around the world. Here, we provide you with up to date information on the cost of studying in Ireland in 2021.

The most common queries surrounding a MBA degree in Ireland are:

Moreover, there also some expenses before you leave to Ireland for your MBA. We thought it would be useful to you if we teased the details a little . 

What Are The Costs Before Travelling to Study in Ireland?

IELTS Exam Fee

Every MS in Ireland journey begins with taking the IELTS exam. It’s the first thing you need in your checklist of expenses study in Ireland. For an Indian student, the IELTS exam costs INR 14,000. Your IELTS scores are valid for a period of 2 years.

College Applications Fee

The cost of an application varies from institution to institution.

In order to apply for a university, you have to submit a completed application form. The application contains your academic scores, the background of your work, certifications, etc. It explains your eligibility for the course you choose to apply.

Here is a list of the universities in Ireland their respective application fees.

Trinity College Dublin€55
University College Dublin€50
Dublin City University€50
University College Cork€50
Maynooth University€50
National University of Ireland, Galway€35
Technological University Dublin€45
University of Limerick€35
Institute of Technology, Carlow€50
Cork Institute of Technology€50

Consultancy Fee (Free of Cost from Sarem Education)

Most students find it easy to apply for their abroad education by asking consultancies for help. Educational consultancies guide students – with their team of expert academic counsellors – to apply for universities that are within shooting range based on their past academic scores.

Most consultancies charge students exorbitant amounts ranging from INR 40,000 – 1L for this process. This is about 1%-2% of your total cost of studying in Ireland.

We do not tax our students as such. We don’t intend to add to their cost of studying in Ireland.

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Ireland Student Visa Fee

Another addition to the cost of studying in Ireland is your visa application.

Your student visa lasts for 1 year; until you complete your course. Upon graduation, you can further extend your stay in Ireland by 24 months.

The cost of a visa to study in Ireland is INR 6000.

Student Medical Insurance Cost

Medical insurance is a must-have when travelling to Ireland for your Masters. As a one-off cost to study in Ireland, it doesn’t make a big dent to your wallet.

While there are several medical insurance providers, students mostly choose Odeon . They offer an insurance package at around €120.

Any insurance you buy should cover you for the duration of 1 year.

Living Costs in Ireland

Living expenses totally depend upon the lifestyle you wish to lead in Ireland. However, there are a few lifestyle choices that can impact the cost of studying in Ireland.

Rent Cost in Ireland

Bluntly put, this is the single most factor that can severely break your bank. Particularly, students who study in Dublin pay rents around €400- €600 for a shared room. Although the government is diligently working towards a solution to suppress the soaring rents, students still pay such high rents.

The rent in other Counties is far easier to manage. Students can get an entire room for themselves, for rates around €300. In smaller cities, the rent is even lesser.

Travel Costs in Ireland

As long as you will be a student here, it is ideal to plan for your travel expenses.

Students prefer to pick accommodations near colleges so that they can subset their travel costs. However, for those who stay far away from their college campuses, Ireland’s well connected public transport is the way to go.

Students can avail themselves of a leap card; it’s a prepaid card using which people get around the country on buses and trams. For students, the cost of a monthly pass to travel in trams amounts to no less than €75/ month, while a monthly pass for a bus amounts to €125/ month.

Food Expenses in Ireland

Most students wrap up their food-related expenses under €200/month. This is considering the cheat days you might have where you desire to experience the local cuisine, go pubbing etc.

Groceries can be bought in retail stores such as Tesco, Aldi, Lidl etc. Due to cutthroat competition, these stores reduce the rates of their products to win customers. Fortunately, this occurs as a boon for Indian students who look to reduce their cost of studying in Ireland.

Tuition Fee

Obviously, a major chunk of your budget will be devoted to this.

Most enquiries surrounding the cost of studying in Ireland revolve around the tuition fees. Indian students desire to get maximum quality for minimum costs. Irish universities offer education at lower costs which is feasible for Indian students.

Usually, this is the trend. Courses on arts, humanities, economics cost less. Pursuing MBA in Ireland costs the most.

Depending on the course and the university, tuition costs range between €13,000 to €22,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Study MBA in Ireland?

The fee for MBA from a private college in Ireland is lesser compared to universities. Colleges offer the cheapest MBA for international students. Public universities have intensive and prestigious MBA programs.

Hence the cost of MBA in Ireland ranges between €10,000 to €32,000. In Indian rupees, this amounts to INR 8,00,00, to INR 28,00,000. 

So does an MBA in Ireland seem attractive?

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