MBA in New Zealand for Indian Students

Do you know what studying MBA in New Zealand for Indian students could feel like?

For international students, the benefits of studying MBA in New Zealand are numerous. The country houses some of the world’s best MBA universities and offers students a safe environment. Its strong higher education system accounted for the country’s position as 16th in QS’s latest rankings.

New Zealand is a country that is still as preserved as when the earth and ocean created it.

Their government acknowledges the importance of student safety and social inclusion while studying abroad. These two factors are especially important for Indian students when considering their options to pursue MS & MBA in New Zealand. New Zealand never disappoints you when it comes to this as the country tops the Global Peace Index since 2018.

We understand you are eager to know more facts that make studying MBA in New Zealand is your finest decision in life.

Why MBA in New Zealand: Top Reasons to Pursue an MBA in New Zealand

1. The ‘Big Three’ industries for MBA graduates, consulting, finance, and technology have shown buoyancy in their recruitment plans despite the covid uncertainty.

2. New Zealand’s employers rely on MBA grads for their strategic thinking, communication, and versatility.

3. New Zealand continues to be a favorite study spot for Indian students every year. Following this, Education New Zealand’s regional director, John Laxon, has expanded study and career opportunities for them.

4. The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) allow Indian students to prop up their study expenses in the country. Apart from this, the individual universities also offer various scholarships to their students.

Many MBA programs here give the option for international exchange. This opens up opportunities for more elective choices. It can further widen your horizon to pick from many world-renowned business schools.

Top Universities for MBA in New Zealand

We have consolidated the top universities for studying MBA in New Zealand below. You can also find the fee requirements for international students to complete an MBA in New Zealand.

University Details for MBA in New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington

Global Ranking – 236

QS Rating – 5+

Why choose Victoria University of Wellington

  • Only a small group of B schools (1 percent) worldwide holds the ‘Triple Crown’ of international business education accreditations. Wellington School of Business is one among them to proudly hold this feather to its cap.
  • Their program is accredited to the British-based Association of MBAs (AMBA). This is an internationally recognized standard for all MBA programs.
  • Wellington School of Business and Government is the first Faculty in New Zealand to be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for both Business and Accounting.
  • Having achieved AACSB accreditation, the Faculty also received EQUIS accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development.

Course details

This University offers an Executive MBA (EMBA) course for the duration of this 16 months (in four trimesters).

The overall program consists of 180 credits. Each core course of EMBA allows you to complete the professional development activities. These include,

  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Full day workshops
  • Consultancy projects with not-for-profit organizations
  • Possible international study tour
  • Guest lectures from industry

The University of Wellington offers various scholarships for its students. You can check for a suitable scholarship at the university link.

University of Otago

Global Ranking – 195

QS Rating – 5+

Why choose the University of Otago?

  • Otago university’s MBA program is recognized as the top MBA course in NZ. It was ranked #13 for online MBA as per QS 2021. Otago is consistently among the top 1-3% in terms of global university rankings.
  • It houses international students from 100 different countries every year.
  • The university’s MBA program is among the few worldwide to enjoy both EQUIS and ACCSB accreditations.
  • The online and on-campus MBA programs of this university has been given top rating by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) organization.

Course details

Otago MBA is an intensive two-phase program both online and on-campus. Online mode duration extends up to 2.5 years, and an on-campus MBA can be completed in 2years.

Phase 1 comprises ten months of study consisting of 12 core papers,

1. Business law

2. Marketing

3. Organizational leadership

4. Economics

5. Human resource management

6. Accounting

7. Investment and global financial markets

8. Strategic planning

9. Leading sustainable enterprises

10. Operational excellence

11. International business

12. Strategy implementation

In addition, students get an opportunity to engage in live case studies conducted in collaboration with the business community.

Phase 2 of the Otago MBA programme has 60 credits. This can be completed through one or a combination of the following options:

  • International exchange,
  • On-campus electives or
  • A professional consulting engagement.

They have an extensive range of electives/specialization choices to support the student’s career aspiration. Electives can be chosen from any of the following areas,

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare Management
  • Entrepreneurship

For international exchange, you may choose to study in a developed country in West Europe or North America or a fast-growing economy in Asia or Latin America.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Global Ranking – 451

QS Rating – 5

Why choose the Auckland University of Technology (AUT)?

The MBA program in AUT helps you in applying advanced business practices in the global environment. You can engage in self-reflection and continuous development to deepen your knowledge. Their study pattern builds in you the capability to consider relevant social, ethical, cultural, environmental sustainability in making informed decisions.

Course details

To successfully graduate AUT as an MBA graduate, you need to complete 180 credit points. This is made up of core courses (120points) and electives (60points).

Core courses comprise of the following disciplines,

  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Operations and Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Data Literacy and Decision Making
  • Applied Business Project
  • Economics for Business Managers
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Developing Strategy and Strategic Thinking
  • Market

With the electives, you can complete it at one of AUT’s international business school partners. You may also choose a particular topic in any relevant area, subject to the approval of the MBA Director.

Massey University

Global Ranking – 284

QS Rating – 5+

Why choose Massey University?

The MBA program at Massey University has a unique qualification closely connected to practice. This is also characterized by the student having the ability to choose when and where to study. Over 5000 international students from 100 countries study at Massey every year.

The full-time course integrates you with work experience in New Zealand or an overseas firm with the country’s presence.

Massey’s online mode holds the pride of being the only MBA program in New Zealand designed in partnership with the award-winning Wiley Educational Services. You will be given access to engaging learning methods and world-class online technology 24/7.

Course details

The overall program consists of 180credit points, which require completion of:

  • Part One and Two courses
  • Compulsory courses
  • An Action Learning project

Part one courses:

1. Leadership and teamwork

2. Managing people and organizations

3. Managing financial resources

4. Marketing analysis with strategy

5. Business economics

6. Operations and supply management

Part two courses:

Strategic business in the global market and strategic complexities in international business.

Part one electives courses (completing without a subject):

1. Balancing innovation and risk management

2. Digital transformation

3. Internet marketing

4. Designing products with services for international markets

5. Business economics

6. Digital design with disruption

Part two compulsory course (completing without a subject):

Action learning project

A specialization is optional and requires 60 credits. However, the university recommends its students choose a specialization after completing the first six compulsory courses. This will help you to find your area of interest and experience different subjects.

University of Canterbury

Global Ranking – 258

QS Rating – 5

Why choose University of Canterbury?

UC MBA gives you a blended learning model. This lets you choose the way you access your course at flexible timing. By joining their program, you become a well-rounded leader who can take on purpose-driven change in the global business world. This course is focused on digital innovation and transformation with strategy.

Alongside the core courses, you will have access to personal development, professional development, and additional networking opportunities.

The UC MBA is accredited to the global standards of MBAs, AMBA.

Course details

This course can be completed in a period of 16months of full-time study, or a part-time study up to 5years.
The structure comprises compulsory core courses, electives, and a consulting project.

Core courses (15credits each):

  • Digital Transformation and Technology Preparedness
  • Economic Uncertainty and Organisational Agility
  • Innovation-driven Customer Value
  • Data-Informed Strategy
  • Creating impact led enterprises
  • Agile and Innovative-driven Leadership
  • Business Research Methods
  • Managerial Finance
  • Creative Challenge


  • Negotiating Business Development Across Cultures
  • Societies in Smart Cities
  • Managerial Finance

Consulting project:

You can start this after completing your eight core courses. This involves you in working in an organization to address issues of strategic importance and results in the production of a written strategy document.

Note: Students who are to start their MBA degree before 2022 will follow a different structure. For more information, contact the Master of Business Administration Team.

University of Waikato

Global Ranking – 373

Why choose University of Waikato?

The Waikato MBA is a global-level degree that equips the students with best practice and personal competency skills. Their course grooms you to become a dynamic entrepreneur or senior-level manager. With the capability to transform and adapt themselves in changing contexts.

Course details

Three interdisciplinary areas structure the Waikato 180 credit points MBA program,
Framework: Competing in a competitive world, Understanding the business environment, financial analysis and performance, people, and productivity.

Leadership: Growth and development, creating positive disruption, transformation in organizations, governance and responsible management.

Value creation: High impact project, the global business experience, contemporary and future issues for leaders.

This program is ideal for,

  • Middle managers looking for senior roles
  • Functional or technical specialists moving into positions requiring broader management knowledge
  • Business owners or entrepreneurs

The study tour is a real highlight of the Waikato MBA. 7-9 days of business visits and cultural sights.

Requirements to study MBA in New Zealand for Indian students

Studying for an MBA doesn’t mean simply acquiring a professional paying degree. It gains you a transitional experience of life. An MBA degree enhances the knowledge and overall personality of an individual. In short, it grooms you as tomorrow’s decision-makers.

Let us, deep-dive, into the MBA requirements in New Zealand.

1. A Bachelor’s degree from your home country. A minimum of 3years undergraduate or a professional degree is equal to New Zealand’s Bachelor’s degree.

2. Universities in New Zealand expect you to have relevant work experience for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.

3. A minimum IELTS score of 6.5 overall or an equal TOEFL score is required.

4. Some universities may expect a minimum GMAT score of 550 points.

5. Evidence of NZD 15,000 for the first year of study. This is to cover your expense approximated to 12,000$ per month.

6. Proof for the scholarship gained or a family member ready to accept your financial needs in NZ.

Cost of studying MBA in New Zealand for Indian students

The cost of living varies depending on the part of the New Zealand Island you are enrolling in. The northern islands can be expensive (18000 to 25000$ per year) compared with the south (15000$ to 20000$ per year). The overall cost for an international student can be approximated as follows,

If you are worried about these numbers, let us tell you this. ROI for MBA in New Zealand would be profitable when compared to the other countries.

The minimum average salary of an MBA graduate in NZ falls between 85,000$ to 1,04,000$ per annum.

Best Money-saving tips in New Zealand for students

1. Use your student ID to get discounts up to 20% at stores, restaurants, and entertainment destinations.

2. Make use of the weekend markets to buy fruits and vegetables. Self-cooking is preferred to going to restaurants.

3. Buying goods from charity shops or op shops is a great way to save money.

4. Most of your house rent covers up the utility cost. Power costs vary with the energy retailer. Compare their costs using Consumer Powerswitch.

5. Some cities in NZ are easy to roam around on a bicycle. Try to get a new or second-hand one for your convenience.

6. Use the TradeMe app to bargain on second-hand prices.

Frequent asking questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use MBA skills to work for myself?

Entrepreneurship and innovation are an increasing part of the working culture. MBA students and graduates can:

1. Develop an idea to form their own business

2. Get involved in a start-up

3. Offer their services as a consultant

2. Is it worth doing an MBA in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers world-class MBA programs in some of the top universities globally. The country’s education system is structured with 70% of practical or research-based studies and 30% of theoretical studies. Studying MBA in New Zealand lets you groom yourself as the best decision-maker and strategic thinker of tomorrow.

3. Is GMAT required for studying MBA in New Zealand?

Some universities require a GMAT score as an entry-level requirement. Please check with our counsellors while applying. You need a minimum GMAT score of 550points in this case.

4. Do Indians get jobs in New Zealand after their MBA?

Indian students securing a good credential in their post graduation or a doctorate get the chance of staying back for a year as a job seeker. Once they get a relevant job, they can look out for opportunities to apply for a residency visa.

5. What are the MBA jobs in New Zealand?

Some of the MBA jobs in New Zealand include,

  • Strategy and planning lead
  • Management Consultant
  • Client insights Manager
  • OCM Consultant
  • Principal Strategy Advisor
  • Strategy Manager
  • Innovation Lead
  • Senior Consultant
  • Business Management Advisor


As we have come to the end of this article, Sarem Education congratulates you for considering a country like New Zealand as your study destination. No doubt, you are going to explore a land of diversity. The graduation you earn would be globally appreciated when you are interviewed for a job. In short, studying an MBA in New Zealand gets yourself ready for,

Soaking up the sun; breathing in the fresh; A progressive study culture that never lets you stop learning.

For more details, the Sarem Education – Study in New Zealand consultant is always just a call away from you.