Masters in Digital Marketing In Ireland: Top Universities, Eligibility, Fees, Scholarships & Employment Opportunities

Here’s a religiously guarded company secret. The co-founder of Sarem Education and their lead content marketer are graduates of MS programs in Ireland. They pursued specialisations in e-business and digital marketing respectively. That’s why this blog post came out so good. This monster of a guide on Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland is simply the honest opinion from 2 digital marketing professionals in Ireland on pursuing a digital marketing masters.

Initially, these young Turks graduated from B.E courses in India. However, they departed from their primary degree. They found their interest waxing over business and marketing disciplines.

Both were exhausted with the low pay, torturous work hours and lack of appreciation in the Indian job scene.

When they looked to pursue courses to advance their career, there were no cutting-edge degrees in India.

Yet, all was not lost.

Ireland shone as a beacon of hope. They found MS programs in Ireland gratifying their thirst for business and digital marketing.

Ireland has been quite kind and generous to the hard work they put into their degrees. Currently, they have established their own ventures. Also, they are hustling as full-time digital marketing professionals in one of Ireland’s several e-commerce companies and digital marketing agencies.

Is this your story too? Scale towering heights in your online marketing career by studying in Ireland. A Masters in Digital Marketing will be a wise move. Escape the exploitative Indian job scene and revel in the several benefits of pursuing an MS in Ireland.

Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland – Overview

Ireland is a hot spring of world-class digital marketing courses. There are over 200 places to study digital marketing.

However, to pursue a Masters program, you have three options:

  • The 10 universities
  • 13 institutes of technology
  • 3 independent colleges

All MS in Digital Marketing programs in Ireland attract recognition by employers worldwide. Here are some insights on pursuing a masters in digital marketing in Ireland.

1. There are 5 universities that offer an Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland. They are Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland Galway, Munster Technological University, and Technological University Dublin.

2. Universities aside, you can also join these 3 Institutes of Technology; Limerick Institute of Technology, Athlone Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology, Carlow.

3. If you do not require a fancy degree to get a job in Ireland, then you can apply for Dublin Business School’s MSc in Digital Marketing.

Check If This Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland Is For You?

Any graduate with a relevant academic degree can pursue a masters in digital marketing masters in Ireland. However, here are two aspects to help you decide if this program is really for you!

Background Wise

Students from a diverse range of backgrounds can study masters in digital marketing in Ireland.

Although universities require students to have a background in business or computer science, students from journalism, literature, IT are accepted into the program. If this is you, then go for it.

Without a relevant academic background, you can still apply for an Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland if you possess related work experience. A background in content writing, data analytics, sales, media, traditional marketing, branding, event management, or PR can help you secure a spot in a masters in digital marketing in Ireland.

Objective Wise:

Are you someone who is extremely passionate about marketing literature? Do you keep yourself updated regularly in the ever-advancing field of digital marketing? Do you want to get a front seat view of all the cutting-edge research happening in digital marketing?

If yes to all, then an Masters in digital marketing in Ireland is for you!

Top Universities for Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland

Module Reviews

1. Masters in Digital Marketing Strategy, Trinity College Dublin

Who should take this program?

The program is for experienced digital marketing professionals who desire to get into managerial, leadership, and entrepreneurial roles.

The program is graced by graduates who have rich experience in digital marketing. A quick search of alumni and the current takers will reveal to you that some professionals possess 2-8 years of experience in marketing roles.

About the program

TCD’s MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy was ranked no.1 in 2018 & 2020 by Eduniversal. This program is graced by academic experts, guest lectures, and industry experts from Google, Hubspot, etc. The course is majorly focused on inculcating a mindset in you that consciously helps you enhance consumer experiences at every marketing touchpoint.

The 1st semester establishes the basics of the digital marketing context. This is to help students who have prolonged education gaps catch up with theoretical digital marketing concepts. You also have a 10-credit research methods module that gears you for careers in market research and PhD.

The 2nd semester contains modules in digital marketing management, ethics, and social media marketing. These modules are intensely hands-on.

Interestingly, you have 2 papers in analytics alone. This prepares you for some of the high-paying marketing careers in Ireland in marketing analytics.

You chose 2 electives in this program. The electives aren’t aimed at furthering your digital marketing acumen and are oriented towards the management of brands, sales, and consumers. However, these are important concepts to know to get into managerial jobs. E-commerce is another interesting elective that is entirely case study-based.

2. MSc Digital Marketing, UCD

About the program

University College Dublin’s Digital Marketing program is my favourite of the lot!

You have foundational papers in the first semester. They introduce you to the contemporary landscape of digital marketing.

The second semester has a cutting-edge omnichannel marketing communications module. The module exposes you to the applications and relevance of AR, IoT, VR, beacons and other novel technologies in digital marketing.

Unlike TCD, UCD’s digital marketing masters allows you to specialise in digital marketing channels such as social media marketing, SEO, and web design. These embed an in-depth understanding of the topics.

However, if you desire to be a jack of all trades then the branding in a digital age would be more to your liking.

The final semester is a dissertation semester. You would have to hammer and mould your thesis.

Also, you have to choose an elective in your final semester. The Advanced Analytics and Big data module look smacking lucrative. With 2 analytical papers in your bag, you would obtain a holistic view of internet marketing analytics.

The other electives also are fascinating and can help you land roles as a marketing analyst, e-commerce manager, etc.

3. MSc Digital Marketing, NUIG

Who should take this program?

National University of Ireland, Galway is happy to accept students who have less than a year of digital marketing experience. The program can also meet the expectations of experienced digital marketing professionals.

Read on to find why.

About the program

NUIG believes that you should learn core marketing subjects before you niche down to specialise on digital marketing.

5 modules in the program are traditional marketing subjects.

This ensures that beginners and career changers acquire the fundamentals of marketing and consumer behaviour theories. Well into the first semester, they will be completely exposed to the latest advancements in the field.

You have 5 more subjects that cover social media marketing, digital marketing, sales, strategy, and analytics. You also have to rigour through Hubspot’s inbound marketing certification to fulfill 10/120 credits for the course. Also, you will be made to use simulation software to run PPC campaigns and optimise them.

The Masters program has a 12-month long practical module called Applied Marketing Project. This module has two components: (1) Summer School (2) Applied Marketing Project. The Summer School will comprise a week-long course held after the end of year exams in May, covering Executive Training, Skills for Marketing Professionals for the relevant MSc Marketing programmes.

The Applied Marketing Project aims to allow students to apply theories, models and tools studied during their MSc programme to real-life marketing challenges.

4. MSc Digital Marketing, DCU

If one thing is true about digital marketing, then it is the fact that your efforts take time. DCU’s MSC in Digital Marketing is an academic testimony to that fact.

Who should take this program?

DCU’s program is also for experienced digital marketing professionals. The modules and co-curricular of the program demand applicants to have work experience (1-3 years minimum). Beginners would be at a loss to meet the demands of the program.

About the program

The program is structured in such a way that all modules span the entire year. Moreover, you get to work with 5-8 Irish businesses during the course. You have to plan, practice and measure marketing activities for them by implementing all your learning’s from your Masters degree.

This shall make you employment ready. Irish work experience is a crucial discriminator for students landing a job here. Practising with 5+ clients upgrades you with rich experience work ready once you are deployed into the Irish job market.

You have modules on e-commerce, managing advertising strategies, latest technologies in digital marketing. You will be motivated to complete relevant digital marketing certifications as well.

In strategic thinking and marketing analytics you will be given frameworks and perspectives to develop a data oriented, rational mindset to inform your marketing strategies. You’ll be learning data analytics throughout the year. Hence, the applications of big data in marketing will be an inevitable part of your curriculum.

The course has no exams. You will be judged based on the campaigns you develop for your clients.

In short, DCU’s digital marketing masters is intensively practical.

5. MSc Digital Marketing Strategy, Munster Technological University

MTU’s program begins with basic topics. The first semester introduces students to the digital marketing landscape, market forces that shape them in the digital context, technologies you apply for digital marketing, etc. You will be introduced to the application of social media for advertising, SEO, and design practices for web design.

The 2nd semester takes you into an academically intensive deep dive on digital advertising, strategic frameworks and SEO. Both advertising and SEO modules encompass analytics concepts as well.

You can also choose an elective on sales, branding, e-commerce, or consumer behaviour.

This course is for beginner to mid-level professionals. Even people from traditional marketing backgrounds can make use of this course to enter the digital marketing niche.

The course can lead you to careers in marketing executive, SEO executive. With prior experience, you can also land roles in PPC.

6. MSc Digital Marketing, Institute of Technology Carlow

The here modules are foundational. The course can expose digital marketing aspirants to the “new cools” in the industry. If you are someone who has enough experience in digital marketing, then this course can offer entry into Ireland’s digital marketing job market.

The syllabus is focused on developing your strategic thinking. You have 4 foundational level courses in the first semester. By the end of the first semester, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to perform a customer analysis, identify target markets, and plan a campaign that is coherent with your target market.

2 cutting-edge modules are strategic design and data analytics and consumer insights modules. You also have a module that teaches the ethics and privacy laws of the internet in Europe.

7. Masters in Digital Marketing, LIT

Who should take this program?

The course is suited for newbies in digital marketing. All modules, like DCU, span the entire year.

About the program

The modules are designed to introduce frameworks and tools to form digital marketing strategies. Unfailingly, an analytics module is taught to expose graduates to Google analytics. You are also exposed to dedicated modules on social media marketing, SEO and PPC.

Since all modules span the entire year you can also see your efforts bloom and yield results over the year.

One striking subject is the digital design module. The module teaches you the best practices of web design and mobile app design in a marketing and UX context. This makes you mindful of planning seamless customer experiences across all digital touchpoints at your workplace.

The course strives to offer comprehensive knowledge of drawing marketing plans on your own using thorough research. You will also graduate as a well-rounded professional who can judge creatives, digital marketing plans, strategies using the theories and case studies you engaged within the course.

8. MSc Digital Marketing, AIT

AIT’s MSC in digital marketing follows the likes of DCU and LIT.

Frankly, the modules are not cutting edge. However, a promising feature is the institute’s commitment to connecting students with real businesses with whom they can practice their learning’s throughout the year.

The university also has ties with Hubspot and Google. This offers you the opportunity to learn from industry practitioners and get guidance from them to become certified in inbound marketing, Google Ads & Google analytics, etc.

The course, although foundational, branches off to all areas of digital marketing. This ensures you with a thorough understanding of marketing communications, strategic planning, and design.

9. MSc Digital marketing, DBS

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for those who have plenty of experience in digital marketing and are looking for an opportunity to move to Ireland. It is apt for those who need this degree to make a move on the lucrative Irish job market. If this is you, then DBS is for you!

About the program

As a graduate of Dublin Business School, I have mixed feelings about the program myself. DBS offers modules that cover all realms of digital marketing; strategy, e-commerce, inbound marketing, digital advertising and design.

However, it lacks in offering real projects, guest lectures and workshops. With each day being an era in this field, workshops and training are inevitable in a digital marketing Masters. However, the MSc in Digital Marketing at DBS falls short in fulfilling these needs. Thus, the module is nowhere near cutting edge.

The course is taught by industry professionals who are largely successful in their respective niches.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is a Masters in Digital marketing in Ireland worth it?

Ireland’s digital marketing market is booming after the lock down. Businesses were forced to move their marketing to the digital realm. A Masters in Digital Marketing shall invigorate in you the perspectives needed to understand consumers, competition and the market in a digital context.

2. Do I need work experience?

All universities expect students to have some amount of work experience. Even a digital marketing internship is sufficient to get into universities such as NUIG. Institutes of technology do not expect students to possess work experience. However, a relevant Bachelor’s degree is a must.

3. Can you get a critical skills visa after the course?

A critical skill visa is given to foreign candidates whose jobs deal with technical skills and other skills that are high in demand in Ireland. Working on a critical skills visa allows you to obtain a Stamp 4 (PR equivalent) in Ireland in just 2 years!

You can get a critical skills visa if you land a role in SEO, Web analytics. Workplace responsibilities like Tableau, PowerBi and Google’s suite of digital marketing tools can make a case for you to apply for a critical skill visa.

4. What are the best Digital marketing courses in Dublin?

All Masters programs in the universities in Dublin are highly reputed among employers. Courses offered by TCD, UCD and DCU rank among the top 300 courses in the world.

5. What can I do with this degre?

You can get into roles such as a marketing manager, digital marketing specialist, marketing analyst, web analyst, social media manager, marketing technologist, PPC Executive, SEO analyst etc.

6. Is there a degree for Digital marketing in Ireland?

Yes! Ireland has 10+ universities and institutes that offer a Masters in Digital Marketing.

7. How much does a Masters in Digital marketing in Ireland cost?

An MSc degree in a university can cost anywhere between INR 13,00,000 to 18,00,000. Institutes offer similar internationally recognised degrees for INR 10,00,000 to 12,00,000.

8. Can I work part-time while I study in Ireland?

Yes! You can work for up to 20 hours during your period of study in Ireland.

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