Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland

More than 500 cloud computing jobs are being posted from 400+ Irish software companies every hour!

Ireland Enterprise says that the demand for Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland is massively increasing despite the country’s economic shortcomings. Ireland is known for its proud culture and tradition. Ireland managed to have the fastest developing economy among the European Nations. An MS degree in Cloud Computing from Ireland is recognized worldwide. The top universities in Ireland for MS in Cloud Computing always rank amongst the 500 in the World QS rankings.

With a diverse culture and lifestyle, Ireland is considered to be the hub for 60,000+ students from over 40 countries. Many Irish universities provide integrated job and work placements to give you an irreplaceable learning experience.

How is Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland?

The Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland is best suited for graduates from Computer science, IT, or Mathematics background and for those who are interested to gain practical experience in Cloud services.

Cloud Computing deals with techniques and fundamentals of the transition between data and network amongst all the cloud services. The Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland is structured to illustrate the various cloud technologies, their services, and their application by organizations and businesses.

The MS in Cloud computing in Ireland trains students with the most advanced knowledge and skills that the fastest-growing companies are looking for.

The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of cloud management like Cloud formation, Virtual cloud, virtualization, glacier storage, SaaS (software as a service), and PaaS(platform as a service)

Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland are delivered completely by professionals and industry experts who have massive experience in Cloud Computing.

As a graduate of Cloud Computing, you will be able to

  • Conduct independent research in cloud services and formulate the idea using modern techniques.

  • Critically access, evaluate the security and any issues that arrive while the flux of data and network on public and private cloud software.

Benefits of Studying MSC Cloud Computing in Ireland

Do you know why the majority of the Indian students opt for Masters in Ireland?

Ireland is the host for 9 out of ten global ICT companies in the world. Ireland’s technological aura has tons to be told about. Over 1000 MNCs look for postgraduates from Irish universities.
Many top Irish universities tie-up with 100’s Multinational companies to ensure placements opportunities for their students.

Imagine this for a minute. If you study your Masters in Cloud Computing at one of the top Irish universities, there is no way you can miss out on landing a job. Even some universities promise 100% job or internship opportunities.

Still not convinced? Want to know more about why studying in Ireland is so beneficial for Indian students? Check out our article of 15 benefits of studying in Ireland for Indian students.

We stress a lot on studying for Masters in Ireland in areas of IT, Computer science, Cloud Computing, And Engineering because of the following reasons.

  • About 85% of Graduates from Irish universities get employed within a year.
  • The demand for Cloud Computing is estimated as the next breakthrough in Ireland’s corporate sector. Why not act early and secure your standard?
  • Ireland’s education system provides a 2-year post-study work permit which is truly a rescue for international students.
  • You get up to 50% scholarships directly from the Ireland council for MS in Cloud Computing courses.
  • Global companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Accenture have their headquarters in Ireland. This makes it obvious to up the chances of your employment.

Scope of Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland

What is the scope of doing a Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland?

What are the chances of me getting a decent job after I graduate?

These are the most common questions we get from students who want to study in Ireland. Ireland is ranked the 4th best country for businesses by Forbes. Having said this, it is evident that the list of the scope of Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland is never-ending.

Cloud Computing makes it easier to access the company’s database from anywhere. This makes remote working easier. And that’s why Cloud Computing is in major demand post-Covid. Having an MS in Cloud Computing from Ireland University increases employment opportunities because both government and private sectors like MNCs, Banks, Security, Artificial Intelligence hire graduates from this background.

Cloud Computing scope in Ireland ranges from Cloud developers, operators, data specialists, cloud software engineers, cloud network planners, cloud project managers, cloud business managers, cloud sales executives, cloud marketing specialists, and many more.

Some of the professional bodies like Computer society Ireland, National computer center, Irish center for cloud computing, and commerce prove to be very helpful while you are on your job hunt spree.

Jobs for Graduates of MSC in Cloud Computing From Ireland

Now be ready to learn a jaw-dropping fact.

At the time this article was written, there were 10,000+ openings for Cloud Computing graduates in Ireland in Linkedin only.

And that means Ireland is one of the best countries to study for a Masters in Cloud Computing.

We can see the future of Cloud computing as a combination of cloud-based software products which will help to create hybrid IT solutions.

With the help of cloud computing, businesses will keep on growing in the future. Cloud computing is powerful and expansive and will continue to grow in the future and provide many benefits and job opportunities.

Cloud computing is an extremely lucrative skill and global companies use it for their growth. The future of cloud computing is bright and will provide benefits to both the companies and the hosts.

The average salary for Cloud Computing graduates is around €35,000 in Ireland.

Below listed are the most demanded Cloud Computing-related jobs in Ireland for graduates of MS in Cloud Computing.

  • Cloud technical solutions engineer
  • Cloud systems architect
  • Business development lead, Infrastructure
  • Chief Technology officer
  • Technical solution manager
  • Innovation blockchain engineer
  • Cloud service consultant
  • Graduate Cloud service developer
  • Technical program manager
  • Cloud marketing engineer

Requirements for Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland

The entry requirements for MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland vary amongst universities, colleges, and Institutes of technology. The Masters in Cloud Computing is the most preferred specialization for Engineering and computer science graduates.

For top universities, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer science engineering background with a minimum of 70% score with less than 5 backlogs is the requirement for Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland.

Work experiences are not mandatory but having them will compensate if you have lower grades.

For Institutes of technology, a bachelor’s degree with a 60% score and not more than 6-8 backlogs or arrears are required to apply for MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland.

For colleges, a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50%score and not more than 10 backlogs or arrear are required.

TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE are the exams whose scores are used as a metric to assess your English skills. The English requirements also vary from universities, institutes of technology, and colleges.

Top Universities in Ireland for MS in Cloud Computing

Module Reviews

Dublin City University | MSc in Computing (Cloud Computing)

MSc in Computing from Dublin City university offers a choice of 5 Majors to deliver cutting-edge technical skills and specialize in areas that have the highest demand in the marketplace. You will develop employment-enhancing skills over several areas that will enable you to contribute ideas, methods, and tools to new challenges in your professional career.

National College of Ireland | MSc in Cloud Computing

If you are someone with an engineering or computer science background and are aspiring to gain practical experiences in cloud computing, we recommend this course to you. As a graduate of NCIRL, you will be able to work and conduct independent research on the critical areas of Cloud computing. You will have a deep understanding of the core practices like security, administration, and ethical issues associated with Cloud computing.

Technology University of Dublin | MSc in Cloud & Mobile Computing

Based on student reviews from various portals, the Technology University of Dublin is one of the best options to launch your career in cloud computing developing critical skills. In the program, you will have the choice to pick up a specialization you are interested in. A six-month-long internship is also offered to boost your practical skills and give you the advantage to get placed in top companies like Amazon AWS, Microsoft SAP, etc.+

Athlone Institute of technology | MSc in Software Design – Cloud Native Computing

AIT’s Faculty of Engineering and Informatics is housed in one of the most modern and well-equipped facilities of its kind in Ireland. Masters in Cloud Computing from this university will give you the best in both theoretical and practical skills in software systems and their applications while undertaking a challenging project.

Letterkenny Institute of technology | MSc in Cloud Technologies

If you already own honors in cloud computing or a related IT background, this course will help you with skills that are needed for the broader areas of computing. Graduates from LYIT find opportunities in insurance companies, all major IT multinationals as well as any company using large Data Center based IT Systems. Roles include becoming a Cloud Architect or Engineer, a Cloud Systems Administrator, or Cloud Services Developer.

Dublin Business School | MSc in Information Systems with Computing

MSc in Information systems and Computing from Dublin Business school is an innovative program covering end-to-end topics on computing and its applications. At the end of the course, you will have deep knowledge of topics like Programming, security web databases, and computing. You will learn to build excellent relationships with experts and be able to work with people from all levels. The lectures are delivered in a very collaborative manner so that you will get used to working both as a team and individually.

Scholarships for MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland for Indian Students

The cost of studying in top universities in Ireland for MS in Cloud Computing has been an encumbrance for the longest time. Though Irish universities have tuition fees less than other European countries, it can be difficult for Indian students to afford the cost.

So, here is a list of scholarships available for students who are looking to study Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland.

  • Dublin City University furnishes a scholarship of up to 25% from your tuition fee based on your academic performance
  • Postgraduate Scholarships by the government of Ireland
  • A scholarship worth €1000 to € 2000 is offered to meritorious students by Technological University Dublin
  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme sponsored by the Higher Education Authority (HEA)
  • National College of Ireland Scholarships – €4000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I do MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland, will that be a wise decision to make?

Absolutely. Cloud Computing is the future of computers. The demand for Cloud Computing graduates will remain until there are digital-based companies.

2. Will I be able to work in other countries if I study for my Masters in Cloud Computing in Ireland?

Yes. Most of the courses offered by Irish universities are globally recognized. You can work in other European or Non-European countries with completion of the course.

3. Will I be allowed to work part-time while studying?

Yes. Students can work part-time while studying. Ideally, you will be allowed to work for 20 hours per week and 40 hours during the summer holidays from June to mid-September.

4. What are the chances of me getting scholarships for MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland?

Scholarships are offered by professional Ireland bodies based on the student’s academic performance, practical involvements, and recommendations. About 60 Indian students get scholarships every year to study in Ireland.

5. How much time will it take to get employed after the completion of the course?

In the best-case scenario, graduates within 3 months of graduation get employed.

How Can Sarem Education Help You?

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