Why Indian Students should study in Ireland?

Nowadays, Going abroad for higher studies has become a trend. The first thing comes to our mind is which country we should choose to go for higher studies. In this article, I am writing about why Indian students should prefer going to Ireland for higher studies. Ireland is being the top destination for Indian students to study abroad for their Master’s degree due to many facts.

  • First of all, Ireland is the English Speaking country which is a great opportunity for Indian students to find jobs without language barriers.
  • Most importantly, We think about safety while choosing the country to go for higher studies. In that case, Ireland is ranked 10th safest country out of 162 countries in the world in 2019 according to World Population Review.
  • Ireland Universities and institutions are globally renowned with different disciplinary programmes such as Science, Technology, Maths, Teaching, Medicine, Business and Finance which are accredited and recognised worldwide.
  • The Master’s programme is one year in duration as the UK education system. Most importantly, the tuition fee is the way cheaper than other top destinations.
  • Universities are ranked among the best in the world when it comes to Gender equality and climate action as per data collected by Times Higher Education (THE) university impact rankings.
  • Irish universities accept IELTS, TOFEL, PTE for English requirements as GRE & GMAT is not required for almost every courses offered by the Irish universities for acquiring an admission (UCD & TCD would need GMAT for their MBA degree).
  • The Irish government offers two years stay back option for students to seek employment after their graduation that is the major opportunity for Indian students to showcase their skills and knowledge to find the right and a relevant job which in turn helps to acquire a work permit.
  • According to DBEI (Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation), the majority of work permits have been obtained by the Indian students than any other nationality in various fields such as IT, ICT,  Finance, Medical and Business in 2018.
  • Due to Brexit, The Irish government has been discussing a rise in job opportunities for construction, Mechanical & Electrical fields due to labours shortage. The Civil engineers, quantity surveyors and construction project managers will also be qualified to acquire Critical skills Employment work permit.
  • Ireland is not only just the Hub of IT but also its Hub for finance, pharmaceuticals and gaming industry in Europe. Most importantly, the top companies in the above-mentioned industries are located in Ireland.
  • International students in Ireland will be allowed to work 40 hours per week only during the months of June to September &  from 15th December to 15th January inclusive. At all other times, students will be allowed to work 20 hours per week while they studying.
  • Ireland is not just well known for its education but also for its long unique history, culture, music, Tourism and the friendliness and hospitality of the people with other nationalities.
  • Festivals such as Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland. I must commit to saying that Ireland is the perfect place for students who like to travel to various places and explore the greeny nature with their photography skills.


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