15 Direct Benefits To Study In Ireland for Indian Students


Do you know why a 1-year study in Ireland for Indian students is sought after heavily these days?

Many courses, MS in Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Management and Business Analytics rank among the top 10 worldwide. Majority of Indian students opt for a Masters program for the benefits we have enlisted below. Graduating from these MS degrees in Ireland guarantees high chances of employment in Ireland.

Also, Irish universities boast high research outputs; the hallmark of a good postgraduate study destination. Award-winning journalist, John Kennedy, calls Ireland the AI island highlighting the nation’s advancements in technological research.

Benefits to study in Ireland for Indian students

Below are the reasons why an MS degree or MBA in Ireland is lucrative and will be life-altering. Particularly, as an Indian student, you get several benefits.

Some benefits grace you even before you start your journey!

Pre-Study Benefit

You don’t require a GRE score…

…and you can still study at Irish universities such as Trinity and UCD. Irish universities, that are in the same league as the US universities, which require GRE accept Indian students even without a GRE score.

Isn’t this itself appeasing enough to apply to study in Ireland as an Indian student? 

Hence, to get into an Irish university, Indian students require a good academic record, and scores from one of these tests – IELTS, TOFEL, PTE. 

GRE & GMAT is not required by almost all Irish universities (UCD & TCD may ask GMAT scores for their MBA degrees). 

How much study gap is acceptable in Ireland? 

The answer is… 

Study gaps don’t matter for Irish universities! 

As long as you can provide a good explanation for the gap between your last academic year and the time of application, you are as good as any other person without a study gap. Various reasons such as employment, vacation, health issues, business ventures can be used to explain your study gap. You can provide these reasons in your Statement of Purpose. 

Sarem Education will help Indian students with their Statements Of Purpose to study in Ireland. 

Cost of studying in Ireland is lower for Indian students 


Compared to the costs of studying in the USA, UK and Australia, an MS degree in Ireland costs lesser. The average tuition fee ranges between €10,000 and €20,000 (8 to 14 lakhs) per year. 

Tuition fee is the largest cost component, while other expenses like accommodation, student visa, medical insurance and the likes, typically cost between €7,000 (5 to 9 lakhs) to €12,000 per year. 

There are also independent colleges in Ireland where Indian students can study for cheaper fees. Provided you have the necessary work experience, colleges such as Dublin Business School, Griffith College Dublin and National College of Ireland should be a sweet deal! 

Consultancies do love adhering to “get rich overnight schemes” by giving Indian students the aforementioned options to study Ireland. However, we do not do that here.

Here is some honest information. Freshers would find it daunting to land a job after graduation from these places. So, apply here at your own risk. 

However, experienced candidates should be able to land a job thanks to their experience. 

With a part-time job or a paid internship, you can further reduce your expenses to study at an Irish university. We advise that you search for the right one where you can balance your studies with your part-time work. 

Just make sure you don’t do anything that you will regret on your academic side.

Scholarships To Study in Ireland For Indian Students 


The cost of a Masters degree has always been an impediment for Indian students to study in Ireland. 

So, here is a list of scholarships available for students who are looking to study in Ireland. 

About 60 students get this scholarship which pays them 10,000 euros per year. These scholarships make life extremely easy for Indians students in Ireland.

The 3 Benefits of Studying a 1-year Masters in Ireland

Undoubtedly, Indian students are always under the pressure of settling down quickly. Studying a 1-year Masters programs in an Irish university can help you alleviate this. You can fast-forward their dreams of graduating with an MS degree and happily settle abroad sooner than your counterparts in other countries!

Let us enlist and explain the benefits below:

Return to the workforce with world-class skills sooner:  Sometimes students take a 1-year leave from to finish their degree and resume work with their previous employer. This is possible if you do a Masters in Ireland. Moreover, a 1-year break for education will be less harsh on your resume as well. You can also join the workforce sooner and ease off your loans. 

Costs Less: Compared to a 2-year course, studying a 1-year Masters in Ireland is cheaper. Shorter duration means you pay lesser rent, lesser living expenses etc 

Resume: In any Masters course in Ireland you have to complete 90-credits within a single year. Inevitably, you will be putting tons of hard work across the year. Consequently, this can bode well for your resume.

100% visa approval

Both Ireland and India faced the brunt and after effect of British imperialism and colonization in the 1900’s. Now, both countries share cordial relations owing to which there is less than a 5% chance for your visa to get rejected for Indian students to study in Ireland.

Not impressed? 

DAVID FLOOD, Director, India and South Asia, Enterprise Ireland shares an impressive stat. The Irish visa approval rate for Indian students has grown more than 100% over the last 5 years.

 During Study Benefits

So what happens for Indian students after they come down to study in Ireland?

Highly Quality Education

The International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) found that students pursuing an MS degree in Ireland reported high student satisfaction with their academic experience. Of course! Why wouldn’t they?

All MS degrees in Ireland are one year in duration. You will be prepared to enter the workforce within one year.

Irish universities and institutions are globally renowned for their programs in Science, Technology, Maths, Teaching, Medicine, Business and Finance which are accredited and recognised worldwide.

Most importantly, the tuition fee is way cheaper to study in Ireland for Indian students than other top destinations.

Also, Irish universities are ranked among the best in the world when it comes to gender equality and climate action as per Times Higher Education’s (THE) university impact rankings.

Part-Time Opportunities in Ireland While Studying

During their study in Ireland, Indian students can work for up to 20-hours a week. According to labour statistics, Ireland has more than 400,000 people employed part-time. As regional investment grows and new businesses pop up, part-time jobs shall grow steadily as well. Irish universities also offer teaching assistant positions where students can assist professors with their academic commitments and get paid for it.

Indian students studying in Ireland will be allowed to work 40 hours per week only from June to September & from 15th December to 15th January inclusive. At all other times, students will be allowed to work 20 hours per week while they study.

A Hub for Global Corporations

Ireland’s technological ambience is nothing to be scoffed at.

Ireland houses more than 1000 multinational companies; the main reason being Ireland‘s liberal FDI policies and ease of doing business. This opens doors for talent across the world. 

Many of these MNCs are looking for MS degree holders from Irish universities in areas like Artificial Intelligence, ICT, telecom and life sciences. Several companies – like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Roche, Abbott and others – have their European headquarters in Ireland. There are several hundreds of internships and for fresher Indian students studying in Ireland.

Down the road, this ups their chances at securing full-time employment. 

Safe, Friendly, Party and Quality of Lifestyle

Consumed of excitement while applying for a Masters, one would leave caution to the wind and fail to read about the destination’s attitude towards foreign students. And while Ireland’s windy climate is often chided for being unfriendly the locals are super sweet. Indian students in Ireland feel very safe and peaceful and their study period is a heavenly experience.

Check out the following stats:

  • Ireland is one of the friendliest countries in the world. 1.5 million people around the world replied to Big 7 Travel in a survey that Cork (17th) and Dublin (6th) are one of the friendliest cities of the world.
  • In the UN’s Annual, Human Development Index, Ireland is 3rd with regards to the quality of life.
  • An Irish citizenship is ranked 2nd best in the world.
  • For women safety, Ireland is one of the safest countries ranking 7th among the countries in the EU and 16th in the world.

Still, undecided to study in Ireland as an Indian student? Contact us so that we can help you connect with alumni.

Rich Culture and Heritage

You can earn a 360-degree, fulfilling experience from your abroad education happens only if you read and imbibe academic papers and the culture around you. If you are a bookworm, a history buff, a culture enthusiast, then don’t look further into the west than Ireland. The best part about studying in a European country is that every country is different from the other; in architecture, history, race, music etc.

Ireland is not just well known for its education but also reasons like these as well.


tourists destinations for Indian students who study in Ireland


Caption: Places to visit in Ireland 

Dublin, the capital of the Emerald Isle, is a popular tourist destination filled with parks, museums and statues paying homage to literary laureates such as Oscar Wilde, Joyce Meyer etc. Pubs that are about a 1000-year old grace the ever-alive city centre. Festivals such as Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland.

Studying in Ireland for Indian students will be thrilling for those who like to travel to various places and capture the green garlands of nature with their photography skills.

Also, are you familiar with these famous movies- Harry Potter, Star Wars, P.S I Love You, Game of Thrones. All of these films had scenes filmed in Ireland. Ireland’s landscapes breathe life into the dormant, desi travel bug in you. Ireland’s West Coast throngs breath-taking sceneries, docks, rocky coastlines, castles. Be sure to check out these places while pursuing your MS degree in Ireland.

 A growing, dynamic Indian community in Ireland

In 2011, The Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD, aimed at attracting the 100,000 Indian students moving abroad for their higher studies every year into Ireland’s workforce. Consequently, between 2013-1017, Ireland saw a 45% increase in the number of international students coming into Ireland. 

As of 2015, about 26,000 Indians reside in Ireland, of whom about 9,000 are second-generation Indians. They occupy roles in healthcare (doctors and nurses), IT, engineering and senior management positions. According to DBEI (Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation), the majority of work permits were obtained by the Indian students than any other nationality in various fields such as IT, ICT, Finance, Medical and Business in 2019.  

You can see several local businesses in Dublin with Indian owners and managers, which may get you part-time jobs if you can get their patronage. “Muqqabla”, “Urvashi” are some music tracks that rock the corridors of these local businesses. So there is no need to forget the rice, dal and curry after you leave India.


Post Study Benefits

Employment rates at an all-time high!

It is certainly heartening for us to announce (with proof, of course) that employment rates are at an all-time high. Employment figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), confidently state that Ireland is in full employment.

Lifeline for graduates in Pharmaceuticals, Finance & IT

Pharma and biotech industry in Ireland picked up after companies took advantage of the government lowering tax rates for corporates. 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in the world are based in Ireland. They constantly attract graduates with MS degrees in Irish universities. Indian students thinking of where to go after a UG degree in biotech, pharma, biomedical, instrumentation can seek Ireland for higher studies.

Accountancy and Finance are lucrative for Indian students who study in Ireland. Due to the level of demand, and a squeeze in supply, companies are increasing compensation packages for both attraction and retention purposes. 

Source: Morgan Mckinley 

Several tech centred Irish institutions offer MS degrees in information technology, data analytics, cloud computing, business analytics. The courses are tailored to tackle real-time challenges in the tech-savvy industries in the IT hub of Europe. This is one supporting point for young and ambitious Indian students to study in Ireland for their Masters.

Ireland’s post-study work visa benefits that make you go WOW! 

So here is the answer to the much-awaited question, “How to work in Ireland post-graduation”.

The Irish government offers a 2-year post-study work visa for Indian students in Ireland to seek employment after their graduation. 

Ireland has two types of work visa- General Work Permit and Critical Skills Employment Permit. 

The Critical Skills Employment Permit is acquired by people employed in the sectors included on the Critical Skills Occupations List, such as ICT professionals, professional engineers and technologists. This visa is targeted at highly skilled people to encourage them to take up permanent residence in Ireland.

In 2019, 40% of the 16,000 critical skill visas issued were grabbed by Indian students studying in Ireland. 

A General Employment Permit allows the holder to work in a broad range of occupations. As opposed to the Critical Skills visa this permit recognizes all occupations are eligible unless excluded from the Ineligible List of Occupations for Employment Permits.


A 1-year study in Ireland for Indian students is flawlessly beneficial. It is surely your gateway to find a job in Ireland and get a PR soon in Ireland using the 2 years of critical skills work permit. We can connect you with Indian students in Ireland to enquire about your course and confirm all of the benefits we have mentioned above to study in Ireland for Indian students. 

How Sarem Education can help your efforts in preparing for a Masters degree in Ireland?


As a study in Ireland consultants, Sarem Education offers the completely free of cost of below services. 

  1. Free of cost application and admission services
  2. Free, expert insights and updated knowledge of Irish universities
  3. Free Lyca sim card to erase your communication worries
  4. Help with accommodation in Ireland
  5. Help with part-time jobs in Ireland
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