Masters in Nursing in Ireland: Updated Handbook 2022

What would it be like to choose a country as your study destination where the government has started investing more in your favorite education path to meet a ‘huge’ demand?

Yes, this is exactly what it means to study for a Masters in Nursing in Ireland. Marking the International Nurses Day 2021, the IUA (Irish Universities Association) heading the Nursing and Midwifery department has stressed the importance of investing more in Nursing/Midwifery education with the increased demand after the pandemic.

Do you also know that this country has an aging population whereby in 2031, a quarter of a million people will reach the age of 80?

This, in turn, means that the health care departments should work at their fledge to meet and support the rising wellness needs.

This is the perfect time to get yourself enrolled for a Masters in Nursing in Ireland by knowing the other supporting factors that could give a green tick to your decision.

Why Study Masters in Nursing in Ireland?

Your study in Ireland is always backed up with a whole lot of benefits. These are the top 10 perks of doing a Masters in Nursing in Ireland.

1. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) regulates the nursing and midwifery professions in Ireland. It supports nurses and midwives in maintaining the standards of professional practice.

2. Ireland has four globally ranking universities for nursing studies.

3. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for nurses and midwives is provided by 20 CNMEs (Centre of Nursing Midwifery Education) across Ireland. Several of these courses are accessible for free or at a low cost. As a nurse, this will assist you with updating your knowledge to continue to provide the highest level of care.

4. Ireland is placed 13th out of 195 countries in consideration for global healthcare system ranking.

5. A nursing career is indeed a tough row to hoe. Working in a spectacular country like Ireland can be your breeze. She was rightly nicknamed as Emerald Isle for its green heavenliness.

6. According to the U.S.News, Ireland ranks #15 for the quality of life globally.

Quality of Life in Ireland

7. Ireland ranks as the third-highest paying country in Europe.

8. Nursing study and a career require you to be out of your comfort zones at odd times. As per U.S News, Ireland ranks #13 for being one of the world’s safest countries for women.

9. The pension for a staff nurse in Ireland is EURO 25,000 per annum. A country that takes care of you when you’ve spent your entire life caring for others.

10. The minimum average salary for a nurse in Ireland is 38,000 EURO per annum. It depends on your experience and the place where you get placed in.

Top Universities to study Masters in Nursing in Ireland

Courses for Masters in Nursing in Ireland

Provided below are the full-time courses for Masters in Nursing in Ireland that might take you a duration of 1 or 2 years to complete your studies.

Requirements to Study Masters in Nursing in Ireland

Other Requirements for studying Masters in Nursing in Ireland:

Unlike the other Masters course in Ireland, this postgraduate nursing course has some additional mandatory requirements to be fulfilled.

Current registration as a nurse/midwife on the live register of the country in which residency is held

Hold current active registration as a midwife/nurse in the professional register maintained by the NMBI (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland).

A minimum of 6months to 1year of relevant nursing/midwifery experience in your own country.

Note: These are just the basic requirements needed at the entry-level. Each course at each university has its own selection criteria.

We know it is a pain to your eyes if we list all of them. Our counseling expert is always available to help you. Please take advantage of the free signup procedure for a consultation with our Irish counseling expert. You will be surprised to find additional benefits by the end of this article.

Scholarships for studying Masters in Nursing in Ireland

We are being transparent with you. Universities let you avail scholarships for Masters in Nursing in Ireland based purely on a student’s profile. Some universities like the University of Cork provide up to 50% scholarship based on your past academic and work profile.

How much will it cost to study for a Masters in Nursing in Ireland?

On average, Masters in Nursing in Ireland would cost between Rs 15,50,000 (EURO 18,483) to Rs 31,00,000 (EURO 36,966). This depends upon the university and the nursing course you get enrolled in.

Your proof of funding during the immigration process requires an amount of EURO 12,800 (Rs 11,13,000). This covers your travel expenses, insurance, and visa costs as well. On average, the Irish government has estimated the spend amount of an international student would be EURO 12,000 per year at the maximum.

Job Prospects after Masters in Nursing in Ireland 2021

Students aspiring to do an overseas nursing masters would probably go to Ireland after the UK. It pays nurses the next highest salary out of the UK and has a far better cost of living.

At the time of writing this article, there were 568 nurses’ jobs in Ireland via LinkedIn. Ireland is a country that needs nurses in specialized fields across the globe. A student who has completed masters in nursing in Ireland would get a minimum wage of EURO 28,000.

Frequently Asking Questions

1. Can international students study Masters in nursing in Ireland?

Without pausing, the answer is YES. Ireland is a country that constantly attracts and retains talented students across the globe. Since the pandemic, the requirement for nurses in various streams is in high demand. The Irish university association has stressed the importance of high investments in the field of nursing education. Nurses in Ireland are paid a minimum average wage of EURO 29,000/year and a fair enough pension.

2. Which is the best nursing course in Ireland?

Ireland offers Nursing and Midwifery studies across various specializations. These are some of the popular courses among the abroad students,

* Ageing Health and Wellbeing in Intellectual Disability

* Midwifery Practice and Leadership

* Dementia

* Mental Health

* Pediatric care

* Emergency Care

3. How many years is nursing in Ireland?

In Ireland, a Bachelor’s Nursing course is a four-year degree. If you want to take a Masters in Nursing in Ireland, you can complete it within 1 to 2 years of time. This depends on the Nursing course you get enrolled in

4. What is eligibility for MSc in nursing in Ireland?

An MSc in Nursing in Ireland has many entry criteria. Some of the mandatory requirements are as follows,

Minimum 60% score in your UG

Minimum 6months to 1year of relevant experience

IELTS score of 6.5

Active registration as a nurse or midwife in the professional NMBI register

Apart from this, there are various requirements for Nursing pertaining to the university. Enroll in Sarem Education’s free counselling call to get further details at your fingertips.

5. Which country is better for nurses, Ireland or the UK?

At present, Ireland is considered the third highest paying country for Nurses globally. At the same time, the first two highest paying countries are the U.S and Luxembourg.

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