Top Universities In Ireland for Masters 2022

What to expect from this page?

1. 13 Authoritative Stats About Irish Education & Top Universities in Ireland for Masters

2. Top Universities in Ireland for MS

3. Exciting Facts & Secrets About Irish Universities

4. Top Courses in Every University

5. Affordable Colleges & Institutes of Technology in Ireland

This post tells you how and why you should pursue a Masters from top universities in Ireland.

Indian students have 3 options to study in Ireland :

1. Attaining a world-renowned Masters degree from the 10 universities in Ireland

2. The affordable options; the 3 best independent colleges in Ireland

3. Indulge in practical learning; 13+ Institute of Technologies

In this thorough guide, we take you on a tour of the best places to study in Ireland.

Before that let us first establish Ireland’s top-notch credentials in education.

13 Authoritative Stats About Irish Education and Universities in Ireland for Masters

Do you think Ireland is equipped with the best facilities to further your talent? Can the top universities in Ireland for MS help you land your dream job and set you on your dream career? Are Ireland’s educational infrastructure and education system world-class?

Decide for yourself.

Here are 13 impressive reasons to study in Irish universities:

US News and World Report ranked Ireland as the 21st best country in the world.

Ireland ranked 2nd in the world for quality of life.

According to IMD World Competitiveness reports, Ireland’s education system ranks in the top 20 in Europe.

The Sustainable Progress Index ranks Ireland 7th in Europe on social development, based on the impact of the country’s education system.

Despite a 500 million withdrawal in funding, ⅚ Irish universities have burgeoned their way up the QS rankings. Source: (QS Rankings)

Ireland’s 2nd and 3rd level graduates have put Ireland 14th in labour force quality.

Ireland is the number of young people with high-level education. (Source: OECD)

Ireland ranks 5th for startup environments, 3rd in Europe.

The U21 Report for European Universities ranks Ireland: 10th in quality of Masters graduates in the workforce, 6th for the rapport between universities and the industry, 14th in collaborative research.

SFI ranks Ireland No.1 worldwide for immunology studies and 2nd for agricultural sciences.

Trinity Business School ranks 38th in the world.

University College Dublin ranks 75th in the world for employability.

Concerning cities, Dublin ranks 3rd in Europe for FDI performance, Cork ranked 5th economic potential and Galway was reported to be the 9th best in Europe for innovation and attractiveness. (Source: Silicon Republic)

Ireland is the 8th largest exporter of financial services. More than 1% of Ireland’s population is employed in the Finance industry.

 You can also read about the 15 benefits of studying in Ireland.

Now that we have clearly established the Emerald Isle’s a top player in education, let us introduce you to Ireland’s excellent universities.

Top Universities In Ireland For MS

Here is a list of top universities in Ireland for MS:

1. Trinity College Dublin

2. University College Dublin

3. National University of Ireland, Galway

4. Dublin City University

5. University College Cork

6. University of Limerick

7. National University of Ireland, Maynooth

8. Technological University Dublin

9. Munster Technological University

Trinity College Dublin: The #1 University In Ireland for MS

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin has an acceptance rate of a competitive 34%. The race for the top university in Ireland is intense. 

TCD is also a cultural, tourist and archaic allegory to Ireland. This is evident through its historic education system and ventures in research. Buildings within the TCD  are based on Gothic architecture.

Established in 1592, the historic marvel accomodates close to 20,000 students. In its infancy, the university was established to rival the research happening at Oxford and Cambridge universities.

 The open campus sprawls over a humongous 222,000 m2. The campus is an amalgamation of ancient buildings and state of the art technology. Now you would know why TCD is apt for enjoying an abroad study experience.

Positioned as the top university in Ireland for MS, Trinity College Dublin has a robust vision for research.

Particularly, the university has a famed personal tutor system. Each student is assigned a tutor. This enables you to get parent-like support even away from home. Your tutor shall guide you through your academic and personal responsibilities.

Interesting Facts:

Trinity College Dublin was initially started to compete against the UK’s research-intensive institutes of Cambridge and Oxford.

Trinity Business School is ranked 35th in the world.

Famous alumni include Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, Mairead Maguire, a recipient of Nobel Peace Prize, Sam Beckett, Nobel Prize for Literature, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde.

Trinity College Dublin ranks in the top 100 in the world for its computer science MS degrees.

It is the home to the famous Book of Kells.

Its EMBA ranks no.1 in the world for gender balance.

University College Dublin

University College Dublin

Often, it competes to knock off TCD from the “best university in Ireland for MS” spot. The university plays school to 34,000 odd students with an acceptance rate of 20%-30%. The campus sprawls over 4km.

With prestigious courses such as the MSc in Business Analytics ranking 13th in the world, do you still want to look beyond the Atlantic to pursue a business or technical degree? Here are some more details on UCD’s world-class courses. 

According to US News and World Reports, UCD is ranked No.1 in Ireland for 2020. In 2019 alone, UCD ranked in the top 50 for 6 subjects; Veterinary Science (26), Library & Management (38), Nursing (44), Literature (49), Sports-related (50), Engineering (50).

14 subjects ranked in the top 100 and 35 in the top 200.

UCD’s Smurfit Business School, the business wing of UCD, is the top business school in Ireland. It ranks 23rd in Europe and 47th in the world. The business school puts a strong foothold as one of the top universities in Ireland for the following accolades:

1. MS International Management (8th in the world)

2. MSc Supply Chain Management (10th in the world)

3. MS in Marketing (22nd in the world)

4. MSc Finance (41st in the world)

Interesting Facts:

There are two campuses- at Belfield and Blackrock. Unless you do a course that is offered by Smurfit Business School, you need not worry about the Blackrock campus.

It’s a place of magnificence with secret lakes and secret tunnels are hiding within the campus.

The campus accentuates a great social life by housing The Forum bar.

National University of Ireland, Galway

The lone wise wolf of Ireland’s West. Since its founding in 1865, NUIG is one of the top universities in Ireland with over 19,000 students including 3300 international students from over 120 countries. In 2020, NUIG rose 21 places and is now part of the top 1% universities in the world.


NUIG usually ranks 3rd in the list of top universities in Ireland; overall it ranks 238 worldwide.

Interesting facts:

In 2020, Galway was voted to be the no.1 friendliest place in the world.

NUIG ranks 10th in the world for meeting its climate goals set by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.

It has a yellow plaza in its campus called the Big Yellow Thing; the reason behind its existence and name remains unknown

There is a bar inside the campus called the Sult.

University College Cork

Popularly known as the second capital of Ireland, Cork is a city of opportunities. The city was rated the 3rd friendliest in the world in 2018. In terms of economic potential, Cork ranks a prestigious no.2 in Europe. Moreover, featured Cork as one of the most popular food cities in the world.

Apart from offering a quirky yet fulfilling lifestyle, Cork exhibits its erudite alter ego through the elite University College Cork. One of the top universities in Ireland, UCC consistently ranks around the 250-mark. UCC is the world’s first university to be awarded the International Green Flag for environmental sustainability in 2010.

University College Cork

Top MS courses in this university and their rankings are:

1. Nursing ( 51-100)

2. Literature, Pharmacy, Pharmacology (100-150)

3. Archaeology (151-200)

4. Computer Science and Information Systems (201-250)

5. Engineering and Technology (260)

6. Business and Management (301-350)

Interesting facts:

Based on research areas, UCC is ranked 5th in meeting the UN’s “No poverty goal”.

Dublin City University

Ireland’s youngest study destination. Dublin City University is just 40 years old and accommodates for 20000 students. 20% of this population is international. In 2020, Sunday Times conferred the title “University of the Year” for the university’s role in championing social mobility.

The university ranks #1 in Ireland and #19 in the world for graduate employability. In fact, it is one of the top universities in Ireland to hold a placement record of over 90%. Moreover, the university also ranks 46th in the Top 50 under 50 QS rankings.

Dublin City University

The state of the art university has 5 awesome campuses stretching across Glasnevin and Drumcondra. The campus has its own array of restaurants, pubs and cafes. There is also an Inter-Faith Centre to replenish your spiritual energy.

The campus ranks 12th in the world for sustainability. Additionally, the campus supports over 40 sports clubs and a fully-equipped gym and swimming pool facility.

Don’t you already feel like this is one of the best universities in Ireland for MS?

Top MS courses in this university and their rankings are:

1. Communication and media studies (151-200)

2. Business and Management Studies (201-250)

3. Computer and Information Systems (251-300)

4. Accounting and Finance (251-300)

5. Engineering and Technology (401-450)

Interesting Facts:

The university accommodates a bar called NuBars. PS: Goujons and chips are all-time favourites here.

It is one of the best universities in Ireland to pursue a computer science MS. Its CS courses are ranked in the top 300 globally.

There are over 120 clubs and societies are present in this top university in Ireland.

The university is known for favouring a diverse classroom across all social walks of life.

Do you know DCU has its own Quidditch team? The university supports a strong Potterhead community.

Maynooth University

Speaking of Harry Potter, here is a top Irish university where buildings look like a replica of Hogwarts. The National University of Ireland, Maynooth is located 25 km outside Dublin. Although the university looks ancient, it is only 23 years old.

In 2019, the university featured in the top 50 universities under 50 list alongside DCU. Since its inception, the university has grown to a 13,000 student population earning the batch of being the fastest growing university in Ireland. In 2019, Maynooth University was the first preference for over 4000 Irish students.

Technological University Dublin

A unique course offered by this university is the 2-year computer science Masters. It is one of the few universities in Ireland to offer MS in Computer Science with an internship component.

Maynooth lacks busy streets like Dublin and the likes of the thoroughfares of Temple Bar. However, the vintage village has all the junk food chains to tune out of the lectures midday. Particularly, Maynooth Castle is a sight to behold!

Interesting Facts:

So if you are thinking if Maynooth university good enough, then know this:

The top university is most beautiful when it snows.

In 2013, the university was voted Ireland’s friendliest university for MS students.

Over 90% of the students are Irish. Hence, you’ll grab a big bite of foreign exposure in this for which you left India.

Adding to the mystic campus, Maynooth also hosts students studying theology.

The university has a football tournament, Robocup, just for robots.

University of Limerick

Did you know that there are 11 places in the world named Limerick? But one place stands out. Only one place is in the top 10 list of cities for single people to date. And only one place hosts a university. A university that ranks #511 globally. A university called the University of Limerick.

University of Limerick, Ireland

So why is the University of Limerick a top university in Ireland for MS?

1. The university has consistently ranked among the top 50 under 50 for the last 10 years.

2. UL has one of the most environmental friendly campuses.

3. It ranks between #210-#250 for graduate employability and ranks 3rd in Europe for career preparation. Unsurprisingly, UL also has the largest work placement program. The university collaborates with over 1700 employers to secure its students jobs in less than 6 months after graduation. As an Indian student, you will be looking for universities that guarantees jobs, consequently a rewarding life. Does this top university in Ireland sound good to pursue an MS?

4. Kemmy Business School, UL’s business wing, ranks among the top 2% of business schools worldwide.

5. It is also rated as the 2nd friendliest university by international students.

Top MS courses in UL and their rankings

1. Sports-related subjects (51-100)

2. Computer Science and Information (301-350)

3. Business studies (301-350)

4. Engineering and Technology (386)

Currently, there are 16,000 graduates including 5000 international students studying at this top university in Ireland. The campus spreads over a massive yet enchanting 367- acres.  The position of the university on the banks of the Shannon river makes it more paradise-like. UL is the only university in Ireland that has an Olympic standard sports campus.

Limerick is turning out to be one of the best destinations to pursue a Masters as it is growing as another IT hub in Ireland. The county is home to one of the youngest populations in Europe with over 50% of the people under 35. Limerick also bagged the prestige as the European City of the Future in 2018 endowed by the Financial Times.

Interesting facts:

1. The University of Limerick is touted as the home of the firsts; first for sport, first for Co-op programs, first for graduate employment etc.

2. UL has built 6 student villages with over 2500 rooms.

3. Libraries are extremely important while pursuing an MS degree at a top university in Ireland. UL has the most digitally advanced library in the world.

4. UL has won the Best Student Campus Award two times in a row for 2019-2020.

Technological University Dublin

TUD is Ireland’s recent addition to its list of top universities. Indian students looking to pursue MS can apply for this university if their course warrants a more practical focus than theoretical. It is the first and top technological university in Ireland.

TUD was established in 2019 as a result of fusion of the 3 top institutes of technology in Ireland. Namely, they are Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown and Institute of Technology, Tallaght. The university now ranks between #801-1000.

Technological University Dublin, Ireland

The top courses in this university for MS are:

1. Engineering- Electrical and Electronic (351-400)

2. Business & Management Studies (401-450)

3. Engineering & Technology (451-500)

4. Mechanically related courses (451-500)

Over 14,000 students study at TUD with 25% of the population comprising international students.

Interesting Facts:

1.TUD’s origin goes back to 1887.

2. The ultra-modern 73-acre Grangegorman campus is one of the most awaited developments happening in Dublin.

Best Colleges In Ireland: More Affordable Places to Pursue an MS in Ireland

There are 3 popular independent colleges in Ireland where you can pursue your Masters. Do note, these colleges cannot meet the standards of holistically funded, research intensive, scholarly universities.

Colleges in Ireland offer education at lower costs and do justice to the fees you pay. If you are someone who has solid work experience and looking to escape abroad, then these colleges can aid you.  

Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School is one of Ireland’s best independent colleges. It is the largest college in Ireland with respect to student numbers. The business school has 4 campuses dotting the city centre. Its location maximizes exposure satiating your abroad study experience.

Dublin Business School

The college is primarily a business school offering MS and MBA degrees in various business subjects such as  Finance, Accountancy, Marketing Business Analytics etc.

The college is popular for its lower barriers of entry to MBA programs. Students with bachelors degrees in a cognate discipline can apply for an MBA. The college does not expect its candidates to have work experience. In this way, the college has positioned itself as an escape route for freshers who wish to pursue an MBA in Ireland.

 National College of Ireland

The National College of Ireland – popularly known as NCI – is a partly state-funded college in Ireland. The college has a great reputation for being one of the best institutions for career development.

National College of Ireland (NCIRL)

Moreover, the college uses its industry connections and invites working professionals with a PhD to teach its students. Unlike universities where students are taught through the lens of academia and cutting edge research, graduates from NCI are groomed with the best of both; academic insights and technological advancements in the industry.

One of NCI’s distinguished courses is its MSc in Cybersecurity. This the only cybersecurity Masters in Ireland that offers an internship component in its final semester.

Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College Dublin is another leading college in Ireland that offers technical and business courses. It has an astounding student-lecturer ratio of 20:1. It has 4 campuses in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. Like the two colleges above, the college is assured of the Irish education quality by QQI.

Griffith College Dublin

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