Masters In Supply Chain Management In Ireland

If you have the knack for management of suppliers in product-based companies, you might be considering a Supply chain management education.

A Masters in Supply chain management in Ireland will help you from the identification of the need of suppliers to developing and issuing purchase orders over the entire cycle of the contract.

Supply Chain Management in Ireland is the degree of the future. Jobs for Logisticians will increase by seven percent, that is 11,000 new jobs in the upcoming decade. Although these job rates are an average estimation of growth, there are plenty of other opportunities you could get with a degree in Supply chain management.

Ireland is ultimately the study destination for millions of students around the globe. A combination of education and experience will help you pave through this high-demand career field. In this article, you will discover the top universities for studying Masters in supply chain management in Ireland.

Highlights of Studying Supply Chain Management Courses in Ireland

There are plenty of reasons for studying for your masters in supply chain management in Ireland. We can’t stress enough about the highly advantageous experience you would get by graduating from one of the best study destinations in the world.

Career opportunities

With the fastest growing economy in the European Union, Ireland is the best option if you are planning to look for a job after your masters.

There are many career opportunities for international students in Ireland for their appeal to international businesses including top companies like Vodafone, Apple, Pramerica.

Many universities also offer internship opportunities to let you gain real-time experience before job hunting.

The scope of Supply chain management in Ireland is mostly in areas like economics and research. You can look for roles like Marketing managers, data analysts, consumer relation specialists, and much more.

Educational Hub

According to IMB World Competitiveness rankings 2021, Ireland is ranked in the top 20 universities in the world. With top-notch research facilities, there is no second thought in the quality of education.

Culture at its best

Ireland is the most welcoming country with rich culture and traditions. You will be amazed by Irish culture once you get there. Students from all over the world study in Ireland. So you will get a chance to be friends with people around the globe.


According to the Times of India, Ireland is considered to be one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world. Being a young country with one-third of the population below 25 years, you will have more than 30,000 students like you to network. The cities here are smaller than other countries to get around and have a vibrant life.

Scope of Supply Chain Management in Ireland

“Is Supply chain management a good career?”

If I’m not wrong, this is the question that is running in your mind right now. Supply chain management can sound a bit unusual and risky because you are not aware of the fun part.

Almost every company, be it large ones like Apple or comparatively smaller ones like The Irish Store is looking for graduates in Supply chain management.

What is the hype with the course?

Masters in Supply chain management focuses on manufacturing, process, retailing, delivery, analysis, and customer care. Everything we just mentioned is the core agenda for any company.

Now, why do we recommend Masters in supply chain management in Ireland over other countries?

Ireland is an aspiring young country that is open to building economic relationships with global companies. And that is why it is easier to find jobs in Ireland. Despite all the economic challenges the country has been facing over the past decade, there is a strong demand for qualified MSc Supply chain management graduates.

A master’s program in supply chain management in Ireland’s top universities is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself with skills and learning. Ireland is a one-way chance to work with companies all over the world.

Employees with a background in supply chain management have the option to work in various sectors like health, IT, customer service, travel, accommodation, food, and beverages.

The scope for Supply chain management in Ireland is tremendous and is truly promising. Most of the top universities offering Masters in supply management in Ireland have company research projects that can get you real-time work on a specific managerial issue and supply chain issues experience before the full-time job.

Supply Chain Management Courses in Ireland

From understanding the needs of the customer, manufacturing, packaging, demand analysis, and delivering, supply chain management exists throughout the process.

Logistics and supply chain management is very crucial for every business to satisfy their customer’s needs. Sometimes the scope also extends to post-delivery concerns like customer care, warranty issues, and service care.

Masters in Supply chain management in Ireland will train you with the tools and strategies to efficiently manage the supply chain in overseas companies.

Nowadays, Digital supply chain management is also in great demand in the marketplace.

Apart from administering the supply chain, monetization, collaboration, risk management, and analytics is also the scope for supply chain management in Ireland.

However, the course has numerous variants. To efficiently choose the right one, we will list out the popular Supply chain management courses in Ireland below.

MSc in Supply chain management in Ireland

Students from all disciplines aspiring to ace in the supply chain management profession can opt for this course. This course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to manage the supply chain for any business efficiently.

Ireland being a hub for various multinational companies, you will get a chance to connect with global companies and supply chain professionals.

What will you learn?

The course will cover all the core concepts of management and administration. On the completion of the course, you will get enough exposure through practical experiences and internships from the professionals of your field.

MSc in International affairs and Supply management in Ireland

An MSc in International supply chain management provides you with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the core concepts of international businesses.

This course is in high demand as the job requires management of the process overseas. With the completion of MSc in International supply chain management, you can expect a high-paying job in multinational companies like Accenture, Apple, Facebook, etc.

What will you learn?

In this course, You will learn effective decision-making during crises in global businesses. You will be taught how to apply the principles used in different businesses with an international vision. Apart from management, the course will train you with marketing, hiring and innovation skills. You will learn how to analyze and examine the challenges that come along the way across national boundaries.

MSc in Operations and Supply chain management

The supply chain exists in every business directly or indirectly. Having a full-fledged supply chain will increase the efficiency of any company. With an MSc in Operations and supply chain management, you will be able to deliver the products or services of your company in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Supply chain operations include planning, designing, management, manufacturing, goods, and transportation.

What will you learn?

Monitoring risk, collaboration, leveraging, and marketing are the core themes of the course. This course in Ireland will equip you with management skills in the digital marketplace as well. The theoretical and first-hand experience working directly with local firms go hand in hand.

 Top Universities for Masters in Supply Chain Management in Ireland

Module Reviews

1. University College Dublin


With 850+ Indian students studying at UCD, the university offers several scholarships for Indian students. Once you are admitted by the university, you can fill out applications for the following scholarships offered by UCD

1. UCD Global Excellence scholarship, covering 50% – 100% of the tuition fee

2. UCD V.V Giri Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship, covering 100% of the tuition fee

3. Government of Ireland Scholarships  

2. Trinity College Dublin

  • TCD received Ireland’s highest Employer reputation score based on the survey responses from 75,000 employers
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s leading university ranked 101 in QS university world rankings 2022
  • Trinity College Dublin is ranked #1 in Europe for producing Entrepreneurs for the 6th year in a row
  • TCD MSc in Operations and Supply chain management course ranks 6th by QS World ranking report 2022

About the course

This course will equip you with skills and techniques to master supply chain processes and their connected global affairs. Masters in supply chain management from this university are unique from others as they inoculate more digital training in the program.


1. Trinity Business School Postgraduate Scholarship, covering over 50% of the tuition fee

2. Trinity graduate scholarships

3. Technological University, Dublin

1. Technological university Dublin is one of the top public universities in Dublin ranked #800-1000

2. According to US News report 2021, Technological University is ranked #139 for Economic and business

About the course

This program aims to develop professionals who are keen on expanding their careers with business and management skills. The university achieves this through broad-based customized postgraduate education, providing the student with a thorough knowledge of the key elements of logistics and Supply Chain Management.

4. IT Carlow

  • Institute of Technology Carlow is ranked in the top five performing institutes in Ireland by U- Multirank World university rankings 2021
  • IT Carlow is ranked 4100 in World University rankings 2022

About the course

IT Carlow must be your choice to study Masters in Supply chain management in Ireland if you are aspiring to specialize in the sector. The course has been designed in collaboration with many industries to let you gain real-time experience with global operations and supply chains.

5. Griffith College

Griffith College is ranked 24th nationally by the “Webometrics ranking of World universities.

About the course

An MSc in Procurement and supply chain management at Griffith College will equip you with high-demand skills required for successful careers in the procurement and supply management fields across a broad spectrum of industries. The course is best if you want to ace in the field of business management and sustainability. Griffith College has also proved its credibility by winning the Excellence in Education and Training Award 2019.


  • Griffith college bursary scholarship of €2000 for successful applicants to a master’s degree programme.
  • Academic merit scholarship is up to €1500 based on student academic performance.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the scope of Logistics and supply chain management in Ireland?

With a degree in supply chain management, you will not only work in the production sector but also with outside relations like service providing, customer satisfaction, transport, etc.

2. Is supply chain management a good career choice in Ireland?

As long as small or large companies run, you will never have to worry about a career in supply chain management.

3. Should I have a Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management to study Masters?

Not necessarily. A 65% in bachelor’s degree with economics, special science, or business background with not more than 5-6 backlogs are the minimum requirement to study Masters in supply chain management in Ireland.

4. What are the chances of getting a job after completing a Masters in supply chain management from Ireland as an international student?

Ireland is the host for many emerging startups and international firms. We would recommend you to network as much as possible during your Masters in supply chain management in Ireland. Making connections will surely help you land a job. Don’t hesitate to experiment and do internships both inside and outside the campus.

5. What is the benefit of doing an MS in Supply chain management in Ireland?

It is not mandatory to have a supply chain education to practice in the field. However, the Masters in the supply chain will provide the professionals with intense training to work with companies that have huge international affairs.

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