Top Universities in Ireland for MS in Computer Science

Dublin is called the Silicon Valley of Europe. Limerick is the fastest-growing tech city in Europe.

Over 4 million euros have been raised by Medtech startups in Galway in September 2020 alone. There are over 10,000 jobs software jobs in Ireland with the government aggressively protecting tech startups and giants with tax cuts.

It has never been a better time to come to the top universities in Ireland for MS in Computer Science.

5 Reasons to Study a Masters in CS in Ireland from Top Universities

Ireland is the world’s second-largest explorer of software. It has more than 900 software companies.

Annually, the island exports €16 billion worth of tech products and services?

This requires the support of several 1000 MS in computer science graduates from top universities in Ireland.

Does this entice you to find out more about the top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science?

Well, there’s more to the meal.

IT Jobs & Corporate Giants

Ireland houses an attractive entrepreneurial destination called Dublin which is touted as the IT hub of Europe.

Since 1956, tech firms have invested over $56 billion in Ireland. Companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Intel have all taken advantage of the low taxes imposed on them, to set up their European HQs here in Dublin.

These companies have created more than 10,000 jobs for graduates from MS in computer science programs at top universities. Recently, Amazon has planned to add another 1000 highly skilled jobs in Ireland. Microsoft has planned to introduce an Engineering Hub resulting in creating 200 jobs.

Jobs opportunities and placements are certainly one of the biggest factors for Indian students while choosing a university. These stats explain why pursuing an MS in Computer Science In Ireland is a life-altering choice.

A Robust Startup Environment 

It’s not only the big corporate guns that have shaved the creme of the crop. Many computer science graduates work at startups like Flipdish, which expects to create 200 jobs in the next 1 year. The company also received reverence from Ireland’s PM for creating 300 jobs over the last 2 years.

Focus on Building a Safe Tech Business Environment

Ireland is also focussed on building a strong tech ecosystem.

Even before the pandemic, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish business development agency for Irish-owned companies, was recorded as the 2nd best in the world for offering seed funding for startups. Interestingly, the agency braced startups during the pandemic by managing to increase funding for startups by 58%.

Moreover, the Irish government came up with the online retailer scheme. The scheme ensured that retailers get relief of €40,000 at a minimum.

Placement Focused Universities

Moreover, the Irish educational and entrepreneurial ecosystem are cyclicly entrenched to favour tech firms. Ireland uses education to provide talent for tech companies.

While the MS in computer science graduates grabs the chuck of opportunities, the companies develop a great understanding with universities and help in developing the curriculum. This is why Dublin, with 4/8 universities in Ireland hosts the majority of the tech jobs This is why graduating from top universities in Ireland from an MS in computer science helps.

When you study in Ireland, your university shall break its back to shove you into the workforce after graduation. Why? It’s because the reputation and ranking of universities are impacted by these factors.

Ireland ranks 6th Europe in the interaction between universities and the industry. Universities such as the University of Limerick has connections with over 1700 companies to help its graduates get jobs after an MS in CS. UCD ranks 75th in the world for graduate employability.

Up and Coming Tech Cities

This is one of the exciting reasons to study in top universities, an MS in computer science in Ireland. The island lacks the sophisticated skyscrapers that one stereotypes the west with. However, it has a great digital ecosystem. And Dublin isn’t the only city capable of being a distinct digital hub.

Limerick has created over 12,000 new tech jobs in 5 years adding €1bn to its economy. In 2018, the county bagged 6 awards from FDI Intelligence for the following: Development Plan, Education, Skills and Training, Encouraging Innovation, Incentives and Project Wins.

Galway overtook Dublin and ranked 9th for innovation and attractiveness in Europe. This is due to Galway’s GTC (Galway Technology Centre) that has resulted in 300 startups and 3000 jobs.

Galway has particularly specialized in developing MedTech startups. Interestingly, Septemeber 2020 was a field day for medtech startups. Startups such as Loci Orthopaedics, Feeltect, Bluedrop Medical have collectively raised €6.7 million in funding. Top universities in Ireland and their courses such as the MS in computer science play an important part to impart such an ecosystem. 

8 Top Universities in Ireland for MS in Computer Science

There are 8 top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science. All of them are equipped with world-class labs and infrastructure to support to pursue an MS in computer science in Ireland.

Trinity College Dublin (MS in Computer Science)

Acceptance Rate: 30%

Rank: 51-100

Fees: €23,545

Trinity is one of the top universities in Ireland for an MS in Computer Science. TCD’s Computer Science wing has a remarkable research output. A Masters in Computer Science at Trinity is a 1-year full-time program. It is ranked amongst the top 50 to 100 universities of the world.

Being one of the top universities in Ireland for a Masters in Computer Science, TCD is widely known for its connections with leading industries. Every year, computing graduates make use of the annual recruitment fairs to find computing jobs in Ireland.

Moreover, TCD has recurred as the No.1 university in Europe for entrepreneurial graduates who have raised venture capital. Located at the heart of Dublin, the university prides in placing most of its MS in CS graduates in 9 of the 10 top ICT companies of the world.

The program has four strands that students can specialise in in- Data Science, Intelligent Systems, Future Networks and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

University College Dublin (MSc Computer Science)

Ranking: 151-200

Fees: €25,600

This top university in Ireland has a unique MS in Computer Science program. Here at UCD, there is no fixed course structure!

University College Dublin’s Computer Science program allows you to choose from the university’s 100, any number of modules that in the end, add up to 90 credits. You can choose a Masters program that helps you achieve career goals in Ireland.

Such a flexible route allows you to further specialize in a particular field or digress to a new field.

Graduates from the course have founds jobs in:

  • Hardware design
  • Software engineering & QA
  • Data programming & analysis
  • Commercialisation of technology
  • Teaching & training
  • Security & forensics consultancy and
  • Bioinformatics R&D

The flexible curriculum means you’ll also get access cutting edge research happening in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Statistics and Information and Communication.

MSc Computer Science (Conversion)

UCD’s next flagship computer science program is its conversion version of the MSc in Computer science. This program is tailored specifically for students who wish to make a transition to the IT industry. If you have a non-computer science background you can apply for this program.

Fees: €25,600

The National University of Ireland, Galway (MSc Computer Science Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Software Engineering and Database Technologies)

Fees: €23,750

Ranking: 301-351

The National University of Ireland Galway is one of 3rd best university in Ireland for an MS in Computer Science.

The program has 4 strands:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Software Engineering and
  4. Database Technologies.

You can apply to any of the 4 individual courses based on your prior experience and academic interests.

Dublin City University ( MSc in Computing – Artificial Intelligence, Secure Software Engineering and Data Analytics )

Fees: €17,000

Ranking: 251-300

DCU’s MSc in Computing guarantees social mobility. It means that getting educated in DCU helps in improving your quality of life. This has been the mission of this Irish university for years. For several years now, DCU has been praised as a forerunner in using education to uplift people.

The MSc in Computing course also strives to do the same. Particularly, the course also has a high post-graduation employability rate. The university offers the program in 4 strands:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Security & Forensic Computing and
  • Data Analytics

University College Cork (MSc Computing Science)

Fees: €18,130

Ranking: 201-250

Duration: 1-year

A Masters in Computer Science in UCC is one of the highly competed courses in Ireland by Indian students. UCC is world-renowned for its School of computing where cutting edge research is the norm.

The course has a high employability rate. Graduates of 2018 reported an employment rate of 92% after 1-year of graduation.

According to sources, graduates from this course work in:

  1. Accenture
  2. Alatada Technology Solutoions
  3. Clearstream,
  4. Dell EMC,
  5. Ericsson, Erriga Inc.
  6. Firefox
  7. IBM
  8. VMware

Maynooth University (MSc Computer Science Applied)

Fees: €15,000

Rank: 551-600

This is one of the most interesting graduate programs for Indian students. The program lasts for 2 years with an internship component. Usually, Computer Science Masters programs in Ireland run fulltime for a period of 1 year. Moreover, the 3rd semester comprises a dissertation or software project.

However, the MSc Computer Science program at Maynooth University has the aforementioned in the 1st semester of the second year. The 2nd and final semester of the course has a university assisted internship or work placement module.

This innovative program is such a breather as opposed to 1-year Computer Science Masters which are usually a goldrush yet a rush.

University of Limerick ( MSc Software Development: International Systems)

Fees: €14,750

Rank: 301-350

University of Limerick’s is world-renowned for its exotic campus that lies surreally on the banks of the river Shannon. Amongst the vibrant cities of Europe, Limerick is a beacon of hope for tech investors and companies.

Within Ireland, UL is robustly connected with the industry; over 1700 companies have ties with the universities.

The program lasts for a duration of 2-years comprising 4 semesters.

On a detailed review, the course covers several facets of computing such as:

  1. Software Development
  2. Natural Language Processing Systems
  3. Digital Software Product Management
  4. Mobile and Web Application Development
  5. Database management
  6. Research Methods

Overall, the Masters in Software Development develops you into a remarkable software professional who will be anxious to make a mark in Ireland’s IT circuit. The modules are well-rounded branching out to touch several concepts of software development and management.

Modules such as Software Internationalisation shall inculcate the necessary business acumen while working in Ireland’s illustrious IT industry.

Technological University Dublin ( MSc Advanced Software Development &

MSc Data Science )

Rank: 451-500

Fees: € 21,750

The MSc in Computer Science in TUD has two variants. One offers a specialisation in Software Development while the other transforms you into a hotshot data analyst.

The MSc in Advanced Software Development claims to inculcate skills in software project management, information architecture, advanced programming, web development etc.

The course makes sure you can work across all facets of software development. After graduating from this course you can work in software developer, software engineer, test engineer, software designer, systems analyst, web developer, technical consultant.

The MSc in Data Science from TUD enables you to specialize in Data Analytics, AI and Data Engineering.

You can see that the university lives up to its name as a technological university by reading their course modules.

Requirements to Pursue a Masters in Computer Science in Ireland

Most universities and colleges in Ireland expect students an IELTS score greater than 6.5 and 6 respectively. Apart from the English test, universities admit students based on academic scores. All universities expect a 2.1 honors or 65% according to Indian standards.

Cost of studying Masters in Computer Science from Top Universities in Ireland

Total Cost: INR 16,00,00/year – 30,00,000/year

Ireland is widely known for its lower costs of education. A Masters in Computer Science from top universities in Ireland can cost anywhere between  INR 10,00,000 – INR 23,00,000.

Other expenses shall include costs related to living and travel expenses, visa costs etc. This shall amount to INR 8,00,000/year if you live in Dublin.

However, studying a Masters in counties can cost less and saves you more than INR 2,00,000/year. One of the cheapest options is to get into IT Carlow where an MS in Information Technology Management costs INR 6,28,000.

Job Opportunities After the Masters in Computer Science in Ireland

The final destination after an MS in Computer Science in Ireland is a lucrative job. Most graduates apply for roles in:

  1. Software Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Management Consulting
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Networks
  8. IT Operations

In a report published in 2019, the Higher Education Authority reported that 77% of graduates from a Masters in computer science in Ireland were employed within a year. In 2020, AHECS surveyed 90 graduate employers across sectors such as Manufacturing, Technical activities, Information and Communication, etc.

Let us breakdown the intricate details:

  • 43% of graduate vacancies occur in East Ireland.
  • 46% of recruiters profess that they’ll recruit the same amount of graduates as last year.
  • The average salary for a Masters graduate is €31,254.
  • 72% of recruiters shall recruit from ICT and Engineering.

Where to look for jobs after MS in Computer Science in Ireland?

There are several places to look for jobs after graduating from one of the top universities in Ireland with a Masters in Computer Science. Here is where you can look for jobs:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Indeed. ie
  3. Jobs. ie
  4. College recruitment fairs

Post Study Visa After MS in Computer Science in Ireland

One of the most lucrative features of graduating with a Masters in Computer Science in Ireland is the 2-year work extension and the critical skills visa. According to the Irish government, you are entitled to a 2-year work permit after graduating from a masters in computer science.

Interestingly, this is not where the benefits stop seducing you.

After you get a job in IT using your computer science Masters you can apply for a critical skills visa. This visa is conferred on professionals who work in highly skilled areas of work such as IT, Data Science, AI, Database management, Web development etc. By availing a critical skills visa you can fast track your way towards an Irish Permanent Residence or PR in just 2 years.


Ireland is a host of newly emerging software technologies, which is why I opted to study here. The opportunities for career growth are vast. Ireland provides a good quality of education at a low cost and is one of the safest countries in the world.

Studying at National College of Ireland offered me a wealth of opportunities to enhance my data analytics foundations. The course gave me in-depth up to date theoretical knowledge but also a practical approach to industry-oriented scenarios. Another reason to select this college was the low cost of education and the scholarship provided. Studying at NCI, being one of the top research-oriented colleges in Europe.

I find that Data Analytics is playing an important role in the future of marketing and business decision-making. The course also aided me in real-life scenarios such as monitoring my finances and having a better planning process.

During my second semester, I applied for the position of Blockchain Intern from Deloitte’s career page. The blockchain is one of the latest technologies in the IT industry, and it has a lot of scope for Data Analytics.

After the successful completion of the course and the knowledge I received from Data Storage and Management module helped in clearing the interview and I got the job, and I continue working there even after the completion of the internship and my education.

Smriti Verma

Solutions Developer, Deloitte

NCI – MSc in Data Analytics 2015. Currently working with AXA insurance Ireland as a Digital Data Analyst.

I chose Ireland to do my master’s because it has a booming IT industry. It is also a good place to live and the Irish are very friendly. The education fee is also very cheap when compared to the USA and other countries. I was also largely influenced by the movie Leap Year.

I decided I wanted to do Data analytics when I was doing my third year in Undergraduate. I was fascinated by prediction modeling and playing around with data to influence and help business decisions. I chose National College of Ireland as its curriculum was good and the fees were way cheaper.

Job Opportunities in Ireland are very good especially in the field of IT and MIS. There is a huge demand for Data analysts and scientists too.

As I mentioned, my master’s in NCI helped me acquire my skills in Data analytics. You can easily get a job provided you study well in your masters and improve your skills.

Ratish Kamal

Digital Data Analyst, AXA insurance Ireland

Ireland is an IT hub for the whole of Europe. We can find all IT companies here and the good news is they are growing. I chose Ireland for studying Data Science & Analytics in Ireland for this reason and this field is growing here. In addition, I was getting good exposure for international studies which I was able to afford. My experience of studying in Ireland was very challenging and a learning experience.

Ireland has many data analytics opportunities although if you have prior experience it will be easier to find a job as compared to if you are freshly graduated from college.

In nutshell, I can say this was the best decision I made which helped me to grow professionally and personally.

Anjana Aggarwal

Senior Web Analyst , HubSpot

I was working in the energy sector and most of my work was based on energy data. The analytics techniques and technologies amused me and made me want to learn more about them.

I contacted my friends who had completed their masters in data analytics in Ireland and they were well-settled there with jobs after their masters in data analytics in Ireland. They suggested to me some good colleges, LYIT was one among them which has a very good infrastructure. I got admission to the data analytics course in LYIT for the spring intake in 2018.

LYIT is located in Letterkenny which is around 3 hours travel from Dublin. LYIT management and lectures were kind and supportive. To be honest, I had zero knowledge of coding which is the key skill needed to become a data analyst or data scientist. Initially, I felt that I had made the wrong decision in choosing this course. Half of my classmates were also in the same situation. But our lecturers arranged special Bootcamp programs to teach us the basics of coding and scripting. The assignments and assessments given in the college were very useful and challenging. They taught us many new technologies and we had some practical training as well. Most of our assignments were kind of organizational projects which are used in companies.

So this gave us more confidence and was also an added advantage while searching for jobs. With the support from my friends and lecturers, I completed my master’s in Jan 2020 and started looking for job opportunities. Initially, the job opportunities were very less at that time due to the covid-19 pandemic situation. But as days passed, a lot of job opportunities were created and I had started to receive more interview calls. All the interviews were virtual and I ended up landing in an energy company as a data analyst based on my previous experience and masters.

Bharath Thondaiman

Data Analyst , ESB

The 1 year Masters’s program on a less than 20L budget is really convenient as opposed to 40+ lakh 2-year programs in Canada. The English-speaking population made it easy to enter the job market. Cloud computing, data analytics, and security are abundant opportunities.

The Masters’s programs changed me in terms of inculcating a research perspective. It made me solve problems by adjudicating past literature and terraformed my mind into a data-oriented one. My 4-year experience in India was accentuated by my Masters’s degree and made me more competitive in the Irish job industry. In comparison to the Indian-me, my skills pertaining to reporting, documenting, project management improved by heaps.

Shankar Subramanian

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